The power of drawing is in the hands of children.

On Thursday morning, before going into the pool to meet lifeguard Alain Huvett, pupils from Marciac Primary School pass through Granges with their teachers, to discover the Salon de la Caricature that will be held in Marciac all this weekend. .

Despite the busy schedule at the end of the school year, school and college teachers find time to accompany their students to Les Granges, to involve them in this event organized by CLAP.

Mouth Crushers.

These days we have announced the eighteenth edition of the Salon de la Caricature et du cartoon de presse de Marciac, which since 2003 has become one of the essential cultural and artistic events in Marciac’s life. Among the participating artists, we will find faithful to this event: Sebastien Chevriot, Elise Fossocks, Robert Justin, Simone Garcia, Olivier Jeannan, Frank Renal and many others. This year it is Jean-Marc Borot, who will chair the salon.

He has hundreds of celebrity cartoons to his credit. Rugbymen, footballers, tennis players, but also actors and politicians, Borot their size for all the picture. You can see some of his work on his blog: or on

Like him, all guest artists are references in the world of caricature. Robert Justin, for example, is behind the Salon de l’Humor et de la Caricature de Samer (Pas de Calais), the 23rd edition of which took place in mid-April. Jacques Sondron is a major figure among Belgian cartoonists. He has collaborated with several newspapers, notably publishing his short articles in L’Avenir.

A picture says a lot

Those who visit the Marciac Animation Gallery over the next few days will be able to see drawings by artists such as Bruno Tesse and Roberto Bianchi. They may also be able to see the work that Leonardo Rodriguez recently produced in honor of a famous transatlantic trumpeter well known to the people of Marciac. Those who aren’t particularly a fan of jazz and pictures will be able to discuss architectural drawings with Elise Fossoux and Sébastien Chevriot, as they are the authors of a book on vessel houses.

Les Granges will also receive Simon Garcia. It has nothing to do with the vinyl of the same name from Marciac. This painter is also known for his pen stroke as well as fork stroke. Therefore, he regularly returns to Marciac, just like his friends Franck Renal and Olivier Gann, who need no introduction. We also owe it to the latter for creating the ACDC-inspired poster, for the 17th edition of the exhibition.

Coming from the four corners of France and beyond (Port from Clermont-Ferrand, Tissi from Paris, Sodron from Belgium, Rodrigues from Barcelona, ​​Garcia from Roussillon, Justin from the North), they are all full of talent. Some of them have notably contributed to the production of the beautiful book “Marciac Terre de Jazz”, published by CLAP in 2015, which presents a hundred portraits of the great names of jazz so appreciated by music lovers.

The exhibition is open to all, especially to school children.

The barn halls of the Marciac Town Hall will be open to the public starting Friday, June 3 in the afternoon. At the moment, he is the youngest to discover this year’s program. Since the beginning of the week, Justin and Raynal have been visiting schools in our municipal community. At Les Granges, Justin greeted students from the boarding school at Aretha Franklin College on Wednesday morning.

Express yourself through drawing

On Thursday morning, as two teachers from the Marciac Primary School were trying to supervise their teachers, students from the Beaumarchés were present in the barns, attentive to the words of Jean Marc Borot. Young students discover the world of cartooning and cartoon journalism through games or demonstrations. Through these meetings, they will also work in class on different topics, whether it is journalism, resources to express themselves, drawing techniques, educational and professional backgrounds of speakers, …

With each release, guest artists become more and more with the locals. This translates into interventions in schools, in the retirement home in Marciac or even in the Maison de Vie in Castelnau.

On Thursday afternoon, Borot was at Marciac College, with the fifth graders, while Seb and Elise went to Castelnau. On Friday morning, Justin will meet with CP students of Celine Magnay at Marciac School, while Seb and Elise will work with CE1-CE2 students, and Burrow with older CM1-CM2 students. Residents of Villa Bleue will go to the retirement home Les Mille Soleil, where the designers will step in, as well as some schoolchildren from AIMJ who will bring their instruments to give a musical touch to this long-awaited meeting.

The 18th Caricature and Press Exhibition 2022

Pentecost holiday in the Granges of the town hall of Marciac

Friday 3 June to Monday 6 June 2022, 10am to 12:30pm and 3pm to 7pm (Mon closes at 5pm)

The Marciac Caricature and Press Cartoon Fair are open to all. it’s free.

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