Pornographic images: ‘psychological rape’ of children, psychiatrist warns

“Pornography is medicine par excellence. It can be consumed completely anonymously, in all places and in all circumstances, absolutely free and infinite. Are there other consumer products with the same properties?”

Clinical psychologist Maria Hernandez-Mora, who specializes in electronic sexual and sexual add-ons, is far from downplaying the importance of the Senate fact-finding mission that began since the beginning of the year regarding abuses in the pornography industry.

After considering filming conditions, industry regulation, and combating human trafficking, senators from the Women’s Rights Delegation organized a roundtable on the consequences of viewing this content on children and adults.

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Pornography: “Digital Cocaine”

We will understand. For the doctors interviewed, pornography is a psychedelic. “It activates a very powerful brain mechanism which is the reward system,” explains Maria Hernandez-Mora. Using the term American neuroscientist, you’re talking about “digital cocaine.”

“Sex becomes the object of disgust and infatuation at the same time”

And like any other drug, its effects are harmful. They are even more so when the first contact with pornographic images is early in the child. On average, it occurs around the age of nine. These contents correspond to the real painful images of brains still virgin in their neurological development, unable to undo the images observed. […] After this first contact, sexuality becomes the object of disgust and infatuation at the same time. […] This early contact can be called psychological rape because it unexpectedly and brutally invades a child’s thought and imagination and becomes a strong risk factor for developing addiction since adolescence.

María Hernández-Moura, founder of the association Déclic-Sortir de la pornosphère, insists that such contents be subjected to violent and violent sex in which women are the object of consumption, and where the dimensions that constitute healthy sexuality, such as intimacy, affection, respect and consent are absent.”

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“How do women like to suck the sex of animals?”

Israel Nisand, an obstetrician-gynecologist who intervenes in colleges to “provide information about sexuality,” has observed for ten years and the emergence of “tubes,” that students’ questions have developed in a disturbing way. “I fell out of the closet when the first time a young man in the back of the class asked me: How do women like sucking the sex of animals? And I tried to say that no woman liked this, and that the poor women who feel they must do it is to make money and feed their children.

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The young man in question was not convinced “based on the cries” of the actress’s pleasure. The 14-year-old doesn’t have the cash machines to analyze what he’s seeing. What he sees: It’s the real real truth. What he hears: It’s the real real truth. He cannot distance himself. He explained that the same images that can make adults laugh or arouse excitement, and give children the following idea: This is the norm.

Maria Hernandez-Moura recalls that since the advent of the smartphone in 2007, the number of cases of sexual violence has increased “dramatically”. “The hypothesis is that access to pornography from an early age greatly favored the influence of pornographic novels.”

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“Pornography is where sex is virtually portrayed”

But pornography also has serious repercussions on adult sexuality. Margot Freed-Veliuzat, sex therapist, sex and emotional education worker, sees most women pass through her office. “The majority of women who come to me think their bodies are not working. They ask for help to please their husbands. Every time […] We realize that a sexual approach absolutely does not suffice. In porn, we see a little tenderness, a little love, a little communication […] We get into a dynamic where we try to fit in with this paradigm that can’t work […] Pornography is the default sex site. For children and adults alike, there is no other place to learn about sexuality.”

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