He made this terrible decision for his children…

fans Great families, life in XXL She is necessarily known as Roveran Bambara and is the brave mother of quadruplets. Unfortunately, she is no longer participating in the filming of the channel’s reality TV show TF1 After several problems in the life of his tribe. Discover his touching message on May 30, 2022 in his story Instagram.

big families : Bambara at a standstill with the education of their quadruplets

As a reminder, this was the first school year for the 4-year-old Bambara toddlers. Unfortunately, this year did not go in a small section exactly as planned for the tribe Great families, life at XXL. Indeed, the year ended earlier than expected for the four children and their parents, Rofran and Nasir. Wonder reveals the reasons in her story Instagram On Monday, May 30, 2022.

quartet of big families He no longer goes to school

Yesterday, Monday, May 30, was an important date for parents of quadruplets from Big Families, Life in XXL. In fact, Rofran and Nasir celebrated seven years of their marriage. Fantastic family day out with their tribe Hajar, Nour, Khairi El Din (Autistic) and Kimsi ​​El Din. This aroused the curiosity of Internet users. Why do children not go to school? Thus, a beautiful woman with health problems explained what was happening at home.

To be very honest, I think the kids are not going to school until we find a solution. We’re waiting for news from the academy, from the school… just to see what we’re doing, or what we’re not doing. So it will be like this‘ says Rovran Bambara Great families, life in XXL.

Even if they had problems with their young children’s school from the start, the couple would like to stay in this institution. ” I’m not going to change my school kids, and readjust, to other people. They have special needs. And the protocol laid out here will not be developed elsewhere in such a short time. [ils font des demi-journées, NDLR]. So for us the year is coming to an end…‘, she continues.

His children refused in the school environment

Thus, Rovran and Nasir Bambara must study the different options available to them. parents Great families, life in XXL They tilted toward a solution, but eventually changed their minds. ” The second is to change schools a month after the end of the year and I said no. They are already turned upside down: “We go there for two hours, we go there for three hours, we go there in the morning, then after that we do not come, we come back …” What a year!‘, ends.

On May 25, Rovran Bambara from Great families, life in XXL He gave himself up for one of his sons. Mistress and ATSEM refused to sponsor Keïry-Dine. And so the day ended with screaming and tears and the withdrawal of her four children from school. ” You should know that teachers pick who’s in their class and in this case, they rejected two of our kids because we’re reality TV people. (…) We are in France, education is accessible to all. When you’re a teacher, you don’t pick a student for their head, for their beliefs, or for anything or even less because these people chose TV. From the moment your two teachers reject the kids in their class, you’re an outlaw!‘ I explained with regret.

Certainly, things will not be simple when you are a father of multiple children…Hopefully the Bambara will find a solution to educate their children. In fact, it is not an easy task…

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