Elizabeth II and the “terrible children” of the British crown

The portrait, Thursday, June 2, of the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace will remain as one of the main portraits of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, or her 70th year on the British throne. If royal fans marvel at seeing the king surrounded by part of her family, keen observers will read much more than just a picture of the House of Windsor. Choosing authorized members to appear alongside her aims to deliver a strong message.

Already in 2012, during the Diamond Jubilee, the Queen and Prince Charles reduced the list of members present to a minimum. By reducing the royal family’s wing, they pursued two goals: reducing its expenditures, at a time when the country saw itself being imposed by its prime minister, David Cameron, with strong budget austerity measures, and focusing attention on the future of the monarchy embodied by Charles, his wife Camilla, and his grandson Harry. and William, the latter’s wife and future Queen Kate.

→ analysis. The UK is gently preparing for the post-Elizabeth II era

This time, the message is different. « Après mûre réflexion, la reine a décidé que, cette année, le traditionnel défilé de la garde au balcon, le jeudi 2 juin, serait limité à Sa Majesté et aux membres de la famillee qui des exeroncent lique action de elle publique the Queen»This was stated in a Buckingham Palace press release published on May 6. About Aleister Bruce, a royal family specialist, “The Palace wants to make sure that we focus on Her Majesty’s reign and the people who are involved with her, and that we are not distracted by all the noise that has happened in recent years to the various members of her family.».

two basic pairs

Many foreign viewers will discover or rediscover the faces of Elizabeth II’s daughter, Anne, 71, and her younger brother Edward, 58. Their relative discretion allows them to replace the Sovereign regularly during her national outings without attracting hordes of paparazzi. They will be accompanied by six of Elizabeth II’s cousins.

Besides them, a basic couple: Charles and Camilla, William and Kate. The 73-year-old Prince of Wales has long been preparing to succeed his mother, although his image has been tarnished by his painful divorce from his first wife, Lady D. The Duke of Cambridge, William, who is very popular, represents the bright future of the crown. He owes as much to the fact of being the son of the People’s Princess as to his charitable activities, mental health stances, anti-ivory trade, etc.

Harry and Andrew, The Big Absentees

His brother, Harry, will be the first big absent from the balcony. Until recently the British, the Duke of Sussex, 37, had become almost persona non grata since his dramatic departure from California with his wife Megan, and their decision to stop being a member of the royal family.

A real rift occurred between the two brothers after Harry and Meghan decided to return Announcing the harassment of their families and publicly and unfairly criticizing the royal family »Robert Jobson comments his book William at 40 It will be released on June 9. “Harry was looking for his own way, but his way went very wrong. William was privately accused of being a prisoner for his role, and the content of their intimate discussions was leaked through Meghan’s friend.”

→ explanation. Prince Andrew was ostracized from the family by Queen Elizabeth II

Another absentee is Andrew, the Queen’s third son and second son, the only member of his generation not invited to this official appearance. This is nothing but a surprise. For three years, the Duke of York has been involved in a case of sexual abuse of a minor. After being stripped at the beginning of the year of most of his military titles and charitable patronage, he could no longer use the title of His Royal Highness. A denial similar to the one Harry experienced. Except that, given his age, his chance of getting redemption is slim. Any dear child of Elizabeth II.


Very festive jubilee

Thursday. Colored Troops: Soldiers, musicians and horses will march through central London. Then the Royal Air Force’s acrobatic patrol, the Red Arrows, will fly over Buckingham Palace to close out the parade. The main members of the royal family will appear on the balcony. In the evening: Illuminations at Buckingham Palace and across the country, as well as in 54 Commonwealth capitals.

Friday. Thanksgiving Mass at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

Saturday. BBC Platinum Concert: A large concert at Buckingham Palace, attended by about 22,000 people (including 5,000 “key workers” during the pandemic).

Sunday. Great parade in honor of the Queen and the diversity of the British people.

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