What is re-dating, the new growing love trend?

Do you want to breathe new life into your love life? The sESET Acquaintance It is the right practice for you. The term ‘reset’, in English, means ‘resetThus, this love tendency is to revise one’s way of dating and the standards of love.

What is the letter rESET Acquaintance ?

Some kind of update, reset. It’s a principle Re-Set Acquaintance. this is love direction Refers to the fact that the winds of change are blowing in one’s habits date. It is a practice that emerged after multiple confinement. Post-Covid study conducted by the National Office statisticsa British statistical office, revealed that 30% of those surveyed wanted to make “big changes in their lives”. Other studies have also proven this: Isolation and uncertainty cause singles to reconsider their romantic expectations. Clearly, resetting dating is a way to give chances to people we wouldn’t normally look at.

People yearn for renewal because of the sense of hope that accompanies the end of the pandemic»explains Maria Sullivan, relationship expert and vice president Dating.comin an article designed in the United Kingdom. Singles tend to get rid of their bad habits, poor love selection criteria, unsatisfying and even toxic relationships.

What are the benefits of making this love?

If you’re single, then it goes without saying that your past relationships didn’t really work out. This can be explained – in some cases – by poor standards of love. Reset your love practices It allows us to date people who don’t quite meet our criteria, but they can have some nice surprises in store for us. The idea is not to lower your expectations, but rather to try new things.

Meeting people you’re not used to meeting is also a way to feel good psychologically. As if a new wind was blowing in our minds. This practice is not necessarily an epidemic phenomenon, it can be useful at any time of life. “Meet different people he is “An important way to define what you want in this new chapter of your life,” said Maria Sullivan.

  • Evaluate your expectations

The specialist advises to avoid entering into this type of relationship if you are not sure what you need. Decide what you expect from them Romantic encounters : Just a fun time or something serious. Don’t put too much expectation on this practice either, it is not meant to be the solution to all your problems. You can reset your life in another way, for example by consulting a psychologist. “There’s nothing wrong with taking things slow and making time to reorganize other aspects of your life before moving on to relationships,” she suggests.

The idea is not to waste the time of the person you’re dating. Don’t be afraid to ask him about his intentions, too. Feel free to talk to him frankly, too. for you. We live in an age where there is no real harm in going on a romantic date without the intention of a serious relationship anymore. On the contrary, being honest allows you to avoid causing harm to anyone.

  • looking for new appearance

attempt to meet new people And give them a chance. If you are used to attractione by funny people, attempt This time to date individuals more seriously. If, on the contrary, you tend to be introverts, try extroverts. These modifications are also valid for physical standards.

The period we are just talking about to go out It was difficult for everyone. So there’s no harm in needing to pay attention to the way you’re dating. In addition, there is good in everyone. Limiting our meetings to material or other criteria may, in some cases, deprive us of quality profiles. And maybe a beautiful love story.

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