Monsieur tétine: a strange man terrorizes schoolchildren in Lyon

Parents of students in primary school and kindergarten in the 9th district of Lyon are calling for caution. (© Google Street View)

NEWS INFO LYON. “It is terrorizing the children, we must act before it is too late and get moving.” The supposed presence of a “strange” man near the kindergarten and primary school in Chapeau Rouge in the 9th arrondissement of Lyon is worrying parents of students.

According to our information, the local elected officials of the case were arrested and the police examined a man who matches the profile last week.

Nicknamed “Mr. Lollipop”

This strange man appears to be known to parents of students who attend this school complex located between Valmy and Gorge de Loup. “He is a man between 50 and 60 years old. First, he manifested himself normally near the school,” testifies the mother who interrogated him Lyon News.

Then his behavior changed. “Then he came with a lollipop in his mouth!”, from her point of view. So much so that the middle-aged man is nicknamed “Lollipop Master” in the neighborhood.

This mother ensures that the individual concerned Serves sweets and cakes to childrenSometimes through the school gate. “He also invites himself through this network during moments of recreation and extracurricular time,” captivates a mother who is concerned about the safety of her 5- and 7-year-olds.

When kids reject his advances, he gets angry at them. He insults and threatens to kill. He says things like, “I’ll come back and kill you.” He also took a baby by the arm last Tuesday [le 24 mai 2022]And his daughter and a parent to scare him.

students’ mother

Reported to the police, a man was arrested

A police source confirmed that a police crew examined a person on May 24 in this sector of the 9th arrondissement following the report. Lyon News This Wednesday.

“The usual checks were done. No violation was noticed, nor was he blamed for anything. The police invited him to leave the scene,” continues our source, who specifies that the person in question is unknown to the police.

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“terrorizes children”

“We ask the police (national or municipal) to make more rounds around the school, including during breaks,” says one mother.

“He is terrorizing children, we must act before it is too late and get moving. This guy can be dangerous,” she worries.

More Municipal Police Tours

When asked about this sensitive case, Antoine Youbert, deputy (EELV) mayor of the 9th arrondissement responsible for security, Promises of more municipal police tours of the area.

“I exchanged with the students’ parents (in this case) without having any comments through the official channels,” confirms the elected representative interviewed by Lyon News. The MP reassured that “the situation is being taken seriously,” which nevertheless called for “caution” and not to “create psychosis,” while he said, “We must be careful.”

“We are trying to play our part” by mobilizing the municipal police which will “ensure a stronger presence”. The District Office of the Municipal Police of Lyon has about fifteen agents.

Meanwhile, this man in question was not seen by the elected official and the foundation’s management did not file a complaint.

Representative Tomas Rodigos has filed a police report

LREM Deputy Tomas Rodigos also submitted a report to the National Police, according to his entourage. The accompanying delegation explained: “We intervened with the National Police after the arrest of a mother, and the deputy works regularly with the police.” This ascension took place on Wednesday, May 25th. “When it comes to children, we are as responsive as we can,” those around him add.

At this point in the case, the students’ parents remain cautious around the school and hope that the “Lollipop master” will be cooled off by his police check.

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