Horoscope: Here are the astrological predictions for June 2022

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The sixth month of 2022 has just begun. What are the star predictions, sign by sign, for this new month? Find out in this article.


In June, we take back control by holding on to our desires. The challenge is tough but you can win it. Saturn retrogrades, Mercury returns, Jupiter and Saturn advance side by side. Like the planets, your life moves in all directions, in situations that are more beneficial than boring. Your job is to build on your successes without relying on your laurels. Mercury’s return on the fourteenth will enhance your ability to recover. Steel body, steel mind, you have the best resources to triumph. Put them at the service of your guild, they will become indestructible.

the Bull

Investigator's guide
Investigator’s guide

June has been a limp month for people born under your sign. There will be ups and downs and it won’t always be easy to manage on a daily basis. As a result, you may have some mood swings. However, you will have to take this with philosophy and spare your entourage that it will have nothing to do with it.


In June, we do self-promotion to present and utilize our talents differently. After a short absence, Mercury returns on the 14th day, and its alliance with Jupiter mediates your projects. Your experience extends, your bad reputation spreads, we come to you with great proposals to present to you. This period brings you good luck if you undergo training, take an exam or pass an interview. Venus on the twenty-fourth day seals a loving alliance, a strong, reassuring and reassuring commitment. Saturn finally turned around, signaling the importance of rest.


In this month of June, you will always have a lot of fun at work. You will maintain your level of competitiveness and fighting spirit from the previous months. Even if your model has been tested a little. As for the manifestations of love, if not sentimental, they will be tender and affectionate. You’ll want to thank your partner just for being by your side.


In June, Mars gives impetus to your actions as well as to your money. The appearance of new actors motivates you to expand your field of work. If you are working for your personal account, set your own rules and conditions from the start to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Mercury retrograde in Gemini on the eleventh brings you joyfully face to face with your past and reconnect with old relationships. A reunion can lead to the launch of a joint venture. Your growing popularity, you can knock on other doors, we welcome your ideas and recipes.


The last month of the second trimester will be calmer. Finally, you can take a break from work and start planning your summer vacation. In a dazzling shape, you will want to surprise those around you, to provide fun for your loved one. However, you should be logical if you don’t want to burden your holiday budget!

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Mercury in Gemini promises you beautiful summer projects. From the fourteenth, discussions open new horizons. They take the form of a crucial career interview, a successful deal or a valuable meeting. Throughout the month, Mars joins Jupiter in Aries to give you the courage to show off. Skill, confidence and foresight are the keys to your future success. Everything you live forces you to act with your soul and conscience without being affected by those around you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the news if you’re in agreement with yourself.

The scorpion

If you made changes in your career in the previous month, you will have to bear the consequences during June. Which means your work will be cut short for you…then there will be little room for the rest. Roll into summer and holidays!


Your field experience makes the difference. The reverse path of Saturn from the fifth day adds calm and patience. Your actions and reactions are measured, and you take into account their impact on your situation and those around you. Your loved ones will thank you. From the first to the eighth, the Mars/Jupiter fusion puts you at the helm of a project that matches your profile and adheres to your expectations. Returning to Gemini on the fourteenth, Mercury urges you to demystify an ambivalent relationship that can become toxic. Cutting ties can be a solution.


During June, there will be a period, professionally speaking, to gain skills and knowledge. In the emotional sphere, communication will be quite clear. In health, a small test must be overcome.


Your bold initiatives are impressive. Your surroundings are inspired by it to enhance projects. In Aries throughout the month, Mars stimulates the spirit of competition. Whatever the challenge, you promise yourself to win it by distinguishing yourself with your talents. The red planet loves to provoke to attract attention. Single, confidence added to temptation doubles your chances of falling in love with passion. As a couple, breaking the taboo is a good idea to strengthen the bond. From the fourteenth and across your network, Mercury in Gemini gives you good tips to improve your income.


For you, this June is a period of consolidation. After experiencing some instability, you will rebuild new solid foundations, both in your relationship and in your professional activity. You breathe deeply and you’ll be ready to roll up your sleeves to give your life a big boost.

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