directly. War in Ukraine: 689 children injured or killed since conflict began

689 children have been injured or killed since the beginning of the conflict

The Verkhovna Rada announced in its Telegram broadcast on Monday morning that “the official number of children killed is 243, and another 446 have been injured” since the conflict began.

Ukrainian judges beside the residents’ bed

In order to determine possible compensation, judges from the Prosecutor’s Office in Kharkiv travel to the site of the bombing to assess the extent of the damage and determine whether it is a question of “war crimes”. During their visit, the judges followed a procedure: “We ask each (substantial) victim the same question: Were there any military targets near your home? »Someone explains.

In the ghost town of Soledar, in the Donbass, the last inhabitants tremble

While the Russian offensive has intensified in recent days in eastern Ukraine, on the Donbass, there are hardly any residents in the small town of Soledar. Among those who remained, Yuri and Lyuba took refuge in their son’s home, which contains a primitive shelter dating from World War II. Find here the report of our private correspondents in Ukraine.

Denmark will vote today to join the European Union

Denmark will vote in a referendum on its entry into the European Union’s defense policy on Wednesday. “I believe with all my heart that we must vote yes. When we have to fight for Europe’s security, we must be more united with our neighbours,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said during the last televised debate on Sunday night. But caution is still required because of the abstention. The expected uptick in the vote, in a country that was saying “neg” (no) to referendums on Europe, the last of which was in 2015.

“If your destiny is to survive” … in Bakhmut, the two inseparable brothers of Donbass

In eastern Ukraine targeted by Russian forces, this city had a population of 78,000 before the invasion. A significant part deserted, but not Zosim and Evgeny, reserve officers, who are very critical of the organization of the Ukrainian army. Find here the report of our private correspondents in Ukraine.

Yes, you can become a member of the European Union.

After being elected on Tuesday as head of the European People’s Party, the European Parliament supports Manfred Weber for Ukraine’s entry into the European Union. “The first message we have to give at this time (…) Yes, you can become a member of the European Union,” the European leader launched in a speech during the Congress in Rotterdam (Netherlands). “The EPP supports candidate status for our Ukrainian friends and also for the Republic of Moldova,” he added, in the presence of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who is authorized to leave Ukraine to participate in the event.

Joe Biden does not want to encourage Ukraine to attack Russia

Joe Biden makes clear that new arms deliveries to Ukraine should not be used to attack Russia. The US president wants Ukraine to be “in the strongest possible position” if he negotiates with Russia. But the American asserts that he does not give “Ukraine the means to strike outside its borders.”

Zelensky welcomes the adoption of European sanctions

European Union leaders on Monday reached a deal that would cut their imports of Russian oil by about 90% by the end of the year in order to cut funding for Moscow’s war. This ban on crude oil within six months and refined products within eight months is the main but also the most complex of the sixth package of European sanctions against Russia that has so far been banned by Hungary. “I thank everyone who worked to make this agreement possible,” the Ukrainian president said in a recording posted to Facebook.

The Russians control most of Severodonetsk

On Tuesday, the governor of Lugansk region, Sergio Gaudai, announced that Russian forces in Donbass are on the verge of capturing Severodonetsk, the strategic city they “control most of”.

The latter called on residents of this “90% devastated” city to stay in shelters and “prepare face masks soaked in soda solution” after a Russian strike “injured” a tank of nitric acid from a chemical plant.

Military support for Washington

US President Joe Biden wrote in the New York Times on Tuesday that his country “will provide the Ukrainians with more advanced missile systems and munitions that will allow them to strike key targets with greater accuracy on the battlefield in Ukraine.”

According to a senior White House official, HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Missile System), that is, multiple rocket launchers installed on lightly armored vehicles, has a range of about 80 kilometers.

The equipment is part of a broader component of US military assistance to Ukraine, totaling $700 million, details of which are due to be announced on Wednesday.

For specialists, the Himar can change the balance of military power on the ground, while the Ukrainian army appears to be retreating in the Donbass in the face of Moscow’s firepower.

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