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IHe no longer knew where to go. A few days before a very busy weekend, Nicolas Fournier, president of Avéo, a production company based in the Parc du Grand Troyes, Sainte-Savine, is fine-tuning the final details so that two major local sporting events are a success. Nico has all the cards on his side. With increasing experience every year, he seems calm despite his busy schedule.

national meeting

Terms of Service this Saturday

There will be sports. At the Henri-Terré complex, approximately 400 athletes are expected to walk the track, a large crowd in the stands (entry is free), and national-level athletes will try to win the bar to reach the national and international championships.

Nicholas Fournier is a partner in the event. for three years “.”
Until now,
trust , We broadcast various events on a giant screen. This year, the device is changing. The meeting is entering a new era that takes on another dimension. ” This is the first time we’ll be broadcasting the entire meeting. Nicholas Fournier continues. 12 technicians, and 8 cameras will be mobilized on and around the track to film the races and competitions. ” We will work with a company that will provide us, in real time, with times and ratings, Avéo chief rejoices. We already have the experience of this meeting. But this year, we are clearly approaching a juncture. Nicolas Fournier admits that he now counts on teams gaining more experience every day. ” So we gain serenity. Pleasure, in every event, takes precedence over apprehension. And because we love sports, we do our best to provide our viewers with high quality images.. »

The meeting will be broadcast live from 5:30 pm to 8 pm via WebTV de l’Est éclair. Interviews will be conducted during the live broadcast; The drone, operated by a third-party service provider, should offer other perspectives and enrich Avéo’s content.

Flight from Paris to Troyes

The coach, who will run on Saturday at the Henri-Terry Stadium, will move to the Aube Stadium on Monday upon the arrival of Paris Trois, the classic cyclist.

Last year, bringing all the media together, the Aube event attracted 100,000 viewers. This year, the organizers chose to rise to the level of the market. And bear the costs of the helicopter services. ” No, we didn’t buy a helicopterNicholas Fournier smiles. We don’t have the means. It costs more than a million euros! But we use Hélitel, a provider in Marne. We will be hiring for this occasion Mikko Paillot (1T2K Company), a world-renowned cinematographer, capable of shooting events as well as possible, specializing in aerial footage in TV and cinema. »

This helicopter, a Raven R44, 4-seater, will leave Colombia, arriving in Troyes in the afternoon. ” Two auxiliary stations were planned, one in Colombia, the other in FindoverNicholas Fournier testifies. During this time, the two motorcycles will take over the task. “Everything was planned for the entire race to be broadcast, interspersed with videos shot in recent weeks in partnership with local communities,”
In order to promote the cool spots that contestants will take
. »

The replay will be from 12.55pm until arriving in Troyes, around 5pm.

The advantage of this device is that spectators, who go out on their doorstep, or go to the stadium, will be able to follow the race in real time on their smartphone. Nicholas Fournier rejoices. Avéo has already used such a device at the Ardennes and the Tour du Jura. The company is based on the readiness to face the various vicissitudes of life. ” Our device is similar to L’EquipeTVNicholas Fournier says: With two motorbikes and a helicopter. The difference is that EquipeTV also provides an audio bike, with live interviews, and uses a plane and HF to transmit images when we’re using 4G, which is much cheaper. (L’EquipeTV’s production day costs 4 times more than Avéo’s 1 day, editor’s note)”.

Organizers, including former cyclist Nicolas Fournier, hope to break the 100,000-viewer barrier on Monday, allowing management to shine, lakes and vineyards to promote themselves.

In addition to the athletic aspect, we add a heavy dose of regional marketing with the system we have put in place Nicolas Fournier concludes.

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