3 best high-tech hotels in 2022

In addition to its architecture that surpasses all standards, hotels now rely on high technology to attract their customers. Today, visual technology in smart rooms has become a major trend. We tell you more in the rest of the article.

What is a high tech hotel?

a Hi-tech hotel He uses tools at the forefront of modern technology to furnish his rooms and the various rooms that compose them. Uses Internet connection and the Connected Objects to serve its customers.

For example, you are in Hi-tech hotel When Devices are connected to each other Or you can control part of your hotel room through a smart device. This is especially the case with blinds and air conditioning with voice control.

3 best high-tech hotels in 2022

a Hi-tech hotel As can be seen from Tourisme-numerique.com, it uses connected objects to serve its clients. Here are 3 organizations that stand out for their smart use of technology.

Hotel with a concierge app

L ‘Concierge app The Hotel Juliana guarantees you a personalized and luxurious stay. When you arrive at the hotel, the application is installed on your smartphone. Use High technology in the hotel industry It allows you to request multiple services at specific times.

Thanks to free wifiYou can request remotely that the bathroom is ready by the time you arrive at the hotel. The app scrolls through the list of accessible services to make your stay memorable and unique. The high tech gadgets It also allows you to reserve a table in a restaurant, order a ticket for a show, or order a dish from room service.

adjustable home automation hotel

Use Robotics and the high tech products In the Hotel environment It is a booming industry. Thanks to the app and connected rooms, you no longer need to come down to the front desk to ask the concierge. All your requests are taken into account by a high tech tool :

  • type of dish to serve your room;
  • Listening to music ;
  • book a relaxing spa treatment or fitness class;
  • remote activation and adjustment of air conditioning;
  • Control your TV from your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

IP Structure for Personal Hotel Room

In the United States, the use of connected devices in the hotel industry enables the provision of a dedicated room to customers. Infrastructure for each room fully connected. This gives you the flexibility to choose the music you want to play, the ideal room temperature, and even the type of artwork in your hotel room.

subordinate infrared detectors Mark your presence in the room so the staff can come to take care of you. In addition, you have a file VoIP phone At your disposal is a virtual reality golf course to relax without leaving your room.

Advantages of high-tech hotels

a Hi Tech . Hotel It offers more advanced customization to its clients. Each guest can customize the ambiance of their room to their liking and personalize their enjoyment to their liking. Using a smart hub and mobile device allows room conditions to be changed instantly.

Moreover, the use of‘artificial intelligence’ It converges towards improved durability. It becomes possible to configure the power of the lamps and the hours of daylight. thanks for contacting, Heating can be turned off automatically When someone leaves the room. Having a smart speaker helps each guest to control all the connected objects in their room with a simple voice command: curtains, coffee machine, lighting, heating, TV, etc.

The Remote control in the room Using a connected speaker like Alexa avoids employees having to move back and forth between different hotel rooms and suites. This feature allows them to devote their energy to other essential tasks.

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