Where can I find my Social Security number? This is from children?

by Julian Trillo May 31, 2022

Forgot your Social Security number or are looking for it? To remember this, you can easily find the first string of numbers from your number (a string related to your gender, date of birth, and birth division). But it’s very hard to find the end of your Social Security number!

To find your Social Security number, you have different possibilities :

To learn how and where to find your or your child’s Social Security number, see the rest of this article.

Where to find your social security number: bio card

The simplest solution to finding your Social Security number is to refer to your bio card. The Social Security number is shown on the side of the card with your photo. It is a sequence of 15 numbers.

This number string can be partially erased if your bio card is old. You can still find out your Social Security number, because it is written on the chip of the card. You can refer to the information on your bio card from automated teller machines (ATMs) available at health insurance institutions. A health professional can also deliver it to you using their biometric card reader.

Find out your social security number on your ameli account

You can find your Social Security number in your personal space on the Health Insurance website. To log in to your account on the site ameli.fr, you have two possibilitiess:

  • With social security number and ameli password
  • With FranceConnect service

The first option is not possible if you are just looking for your Social Security number. but, You can use the FranceConnect service to connect to the health insurance website. This service is a device to secure your identity by relying on existing accounts that have already verified your identity.

To use FranceConnect on ameli.fr, you must have an account on one of the following sites :

When you reach your ameli space, You can download your Certificate of Rights that shows your Social Security number.

Your Social Security number can be found in your administrative documents

An Evidence Registration Number (NIR), known as a Social Security Number, appears on many administrative documents.

If you lose it or forget it, you can find your social security number :

  • In your payment receipt: Your Social Security number should appear on your payroll. Therefore, if you practice or practice a professional activity, you can easily find your Social Security number.
  • On your supplemental health documents: In particular, you can find your Social Security number on your health insurance card.

If you cannot find your Social Security number on your personal data card, your ameli account or in your administrative documents, You must still contact your health insurance fund to obtain this number.

You can contact your health insurance fund :

  • by phone
  • by mail (mail)
  • By going to the nearest agency to you

To learn about the different ways to contact CPAM, read This article. To quickly get your Social Security number, it is best to go directly to the agency with an identification document.

Where can I find your child’s Social Security number?

Are you looking for your child’s Social Security number? If so, there are two scenarios to find it.

If your child does not have a vital card

To find his Social Security number, You can refer to your certificate of rights. Your certificate indicates your Social Security number as well as the number of your child (or children). This certificate can be downloaded from your ameli account.

Your child’s safety number is also available on your biometric chip. You can refer to your vital card data on the CPAM ATM.

If your child has a vital card

A bio card is issued to any health insurance beneficiary. from the age of 16. Starting at the age of 12 for your child, you can apply for a Vital Card from your ameli account.

Your child’s Social Security number is on his bio card and on the card’s electronic chip. So your child can reach this number easily.

If you want to deepen your search, we offer you an article dedicated to: How is a Social Security Number formed?


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