The case of Patrick Poivre d’Arvour: Jacques Legros speaks for the first time and reveals..

When the #Metoo movement loosened tongues in the media space, many victims of abuse came out of the shadows. Thus, at the beginning of 2021, several women in particular accused Patrick Poiver-Drefur of the violations. Even if the TF1 Television Journal’s iconic presenter has always proclaimed his innocence and shouted slander, his critics don’t budge. Recently, his former colleague Jacques Legros first spoke about this issue. We invite you to read his testimony.

A media scandal that lasted for more than a year

TF1 would have done quite well were it not for this controversy. In fact, no channel would like to see one of its premium broadcasters find himself in the middle of a media scandal. for such reprehensible behavior within its premises. Since February 2021, several women have filed a complaint against Patrick Boivre Darfur over incidents that allegedly occurred at TF1’s headquarters.

Since then, the PPDA has never stopped proclaiming her innocence and in turn filed a complaint against these women for denouncing slander. The former JT presenter explained this case on Yann Barthès “Daily”. As one can imagine, this clip didn’t really ease the tensions.

Moving on to Jan Bartes

During his time on the set of “Quotidien”, Patrick Poiver Darfur presented himself as the victim of this story. When I tell what happened, try to downplay the facts. He admitted there could be “little kisses” and “seduction”, but he denies going overboard.

“Not impossible. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. This behavior where sometimes there were little kisses on the neck, sometimes little compliments or sometimes charm or seduction (…) If you want my opinion, I’m sorry for that. I might be flirting, but I I’ve never done that,” he explained that day.

Of course, these explanations did not convince his critics, who started anew. Some have even gone so far as to accuse their host of being complacent. During an interview with “Estelle Midi” on RMC, Emmanuel Dancourt, one of the complainants, did not hesitate to attack the presenter of the “Daily”. The latter is accused of having rescued those whom she accuses of abusing her.

“Yann Barthès was bad, bad, really bad on an interview level… He wore his little slippers. PPDA, we gave him the good Lord without recognition,” she says wistfully.

Patrick Poiver Darfur – Counter-attack

Currently, there are sixteen women who accuse Patrick Poiver d’Arvour of abusing her. The sequel to the investigation gave the floor to several of the defendants in a documentary called PPDA: The Fall of a Forsaken. The latter claims to be the victim of a media trial and a counterattack by filing a complaint for a “conviction of slander”, Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

“For several months, many baseless accusations have been brought against Patrick Poivre d’Arvour. It is time for these charges to be prosecuted. One cannot be falsely accused with impunity. His attorney, I am Philip Naples, asserted.

Jacques Legros breaks his silence

On Saturday, May 28, 2022, while appearing on RTL’s “We redo TV,” Jacques Legros was invited to say what he thinks about the issue. He said he never saw his ex-colleague do anything inappropriate. However, he classified his notes by recalling that the period in which these events were claimed to have occurred was different from the period in which these events were claimed to have occurred.

“It does not surprise me because it did not come out (…) at the time, women did not speak and this is not a defect (…) It seems clear today that we are talking about all that, to publish it, but that was not the case at the time.”

Jacques Legros could not hide his astonishment at this subject, because he worked in an office closer to the PPDA, and never noticed anything suspicious.

“I could have been the first to know that I had an office not far, I often met him and knew his entourage well, but no. He wondered.

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