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We knew serial killers, and of course in the dating game, there Series history. Although the name is rather elegant, it is far from flattering. In fact, this term refers to people who are used to itchain of relationships. They don’t take the time to rebuild themselves and be alone. After breaking up, they feel compelled to find someone as soon as possible. This type of person has bad reputation. Because ? They wouldn’t do without it seduction. For them, it’s a game, and they are often sensitive to commitment. So ladies, if you’re looking for someone to have healthy and serious relationship, Here are some red flags that should not be overlooked to avoid Serial history.

Can we identify a serial date?

Let’s say, it is often difficult to see the bad sides of a person at the beginning of a relationship. We tend to idealize our history a lot. Moreover, when you face a professional, he will know very well How do we manipulate? So we only see fire. Wound healing specialist toxic relationshipHe is an American psychotherapist Ginger Deanwhich shows us that there are ways to detect a mask Runners and women. According to her, 7 signs that can alert us to potential person toxicity. Therefore, once we recognize one of these signals, it will be important to take our heels in and run as far away as possible for our mental well-being.

Series history: He always blames others

From the beginning of your dates, you noticed that according to him, all his hangouts are crazy, who wants him so badly? Or not red flag. Previous Crazy Yeah, two, why not, but three? That’s a lot. Also, does he always tend to position himself as a victim, blaming others’ misfortunes? without notes. Finally, he can’t give you clear and clear explanations as to why his old relationships ended? Red alert, you are in the presence of a serial historian.

Series History: Connecting Relationships

If the person in front of you is struggling to be alone, and after a breakup, you immediately seek to get back together as a couple, this should alert you. It can also show a certain emotional dependence on this person, which should be avoided.

Series history: He was already unfaithful

We say it and we say it again, and no excuses justify infidelity. Everyone has the right to a second chance, except for the infidels. If he assures you that he has actually cheated on his ex-partners, that’s a big red flag. This person finds it difficult to stay serious in the relationship.

Serial dating: listen to your instincts

The best way to know if you can trust someone or not is to listen to yourself. The so-called red flag, these are small signals that alert you to a person’s bad behavior. We immediately feel embarrassed or not share the corresponding person’s values. The red flag It also allows you to protect yourself in this relationship that can cause you suffering.

Series history: Leaks discussions

When you’re trying to have a serious discussion about the future of your relationship, are you tempted to seek recourse? These are details that should not be overlooked. Because ? This shows how much he cares about you and your story. Also, if you share with him things that happened to you and he only responds to you with phrases like “You laugh all the time”And the “You are never happy” or “Oh, but you are exaggerating there,” cNothing abnormal!

Serial History: Creates Attitudes

What’s new in toxic relationships is attitude. In fact, he is someone who is skilled at creating mysterious and mysterious relationships. his love? He promised you mountains and wonders without being overt, to let you go and tell you that he didn’t promise you anything and that you misinterpreted his signals. Moreover, if at first it seemed a fun game of seduction, it quickly leads to the lack of development of the relationship.

Series history: He never asked himself

There is nothing worse than someone who does not accept criticism and does not ask themselves. This will always make you look crazy. Even worse, they have a knack for finding endless excuses for their behavior. So if he tends to constantly make you feel guilty, ladies, run!

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