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Arnaud Ducrete and his partner Claire Franchini have been in a relationship for a few years. They do not have common children, but this does not prevent them from feeling happy. Moreover, to his greatest happiness, the couple married for the second time.

It was Saturday, May 28, 2022, when the two love birds renewed their wedding vows. Lovely party really held in perfect location with wreaths, live music and more… Find out all the details.

previous relationship

Today, Arnaud Ducret spins perfect love alongside his sweetheart Claire Franscini. But before that, he spent his life in the arms of another woman. This is Maureen Nico.

For the record, it was in 2002, on the site of the Star Academy that their paths intersected, was a backing vocalist for Nana Mouskouri, while she was a dancer in the music show.

However, they did not start a romantic relationship until years later. Quite simply, because at the time of their first meeting, the comedian had not yet dared to declare his love for the dancer.

“Behind the scenes, I was sitting next to a dancer with green eyes, so beautiful that I did not dare approach her,”

He was captured in the columns of Paris Match years ago before adding:

“Ten years later (…) Pierre François-Martin Laval asked me to meet the dancers of the show and find one my size. And I go back to Maureen.” And to continue: “I tell him everything, we talk to each other, we love each other. Our love story began there. “

Of course, after that, the two got married, and then in 2012, they welcomed a son named Oscar.

There is no doubt that during their marriage, Arnaud Ducreet and Maureen Nikko had beautiful moments together. They were very complicit at one time and worked together.

“Maureen designs all my shows. She watches me, reframes when necessary. I try to make sure Maureen and Oscar can accompany me as often as possible,”

“I need to see them, to take care of my son,” the actor said before concluding. “It is primitive.”

Unfortunately, their relationship was not meant to last. That is why the divorce was announced in 2018.

A story of meeting and loving with Claire

After his divorce from Oscar’s mother, Arnaud Ducrete rebuilds his life in the arms of Claire Francini.

In fact, it was during the event, Rock’N’Rock Circus, presented by Arthur, that the couple met for the first time.

There, I was told: ‘She will announce the performance of Claire Francesci, she is dancing on the pole. perfect. I present her, she makes an extraordinary show, I am amazed (…) ”,

The “Parents mode d’emploi” star remembers in the columns of a March 2020 party.

However, their romance did not begin until years later when their paths crossed again. Thus, since then, they have become inseparable, even if it means union for life, during a beautiful ceremony held at the Mont-Saint-Michel town hall on July 3, 2021.

A beautiful wedding attended by many celebrities such as Arthur, Michael Youn, François-Xavier Demaison or Frank Dubusque.

An overview of their daily life and society

There is no doubt that Arnaud Ducret and his wife are happily married at the moment. However, things weren’t always so simple at first. Especially since their family a family move.

In fact, for those who don’t know it yet, Claire Franchini was already the mother of triplets, from her previous marriage, when she met the actor. While the latter, as was said above, was already the father of a child.

Moreover, it seemed that it was this person who made things a little difficult in his family, because he was having a hard time finding his place, if it weren’t for the triplets, Angélique, Léo and Florian, there were no problems, like the former pole dancer was captured in an interview.

“We had to make a point because it was a bad start (…) this new family was without a doubt easier for my children to support because they were older and above all better prepared, hence their father like Arnaud so much, helps”,


Fortunately, later on, the little boy ended up adjusting to his new family, although sometimes it’s a little different with his dad.

“(…) The same with my son: when he is with her everything is going well, when I am there, he complains and argues,”

The comedian once said.

So we can say that everything is better for the happiness of the spouses, although their tribe needs to be managed on a daily basis.

“Already, you passed your truck license! When you go to the restaurant, it’s a Harry Potter canteen. There are all six of us! That’s a big picnic budget,”

The actor announced in “C à vous”.

Perhaps this was reason enough for the couple not to want to expand their clan.

“We already have ours. We’re self-sufficient. We don’t need them to seal a couple, we’re fine that way,”

The father of the family explained to Gala.

second marriage

Like most couples, Arnaud Ducret and Claire Franscini have experienced ups and downs during their marriage. But despite the hardships, the two lovebirds are still very united.

Moreover, in order to strengthen their relationship, they decided to renew their marriage vows, on Saturday, May 28, 2022, during the Mother’s Day holiday.

A beautiful ceremony that the couple clearly celebrated with their loved ones, their children and also with celebrities, including Arthur, Cartman, Vincent Dessigns, Dennitsa Ekonomova and many more.

Marriage of Arnaud Ducrete and Claire Franceschi. | Photo: Instagram Story / arnaud.ducret

Note that for the occasion, the bride made a sensation in a beautiful white mermaid dress with a bust, while the ceremony was held in the open air, in Provence. A place where artists dream of performing their live shows at the same time to delight the bride and groom.

Congratulations once again to the love birds!

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