Defining web performance, its relevance to UX and SEO

Webperf for Website: Definition, Interest in SEO & UX

We can never repeat it enough, for a website to be efficient, Page load time Be quick. Did you know that out of 10 internet users, 8 will not return to an e-commerce site if they are not satisfied with the user experience? It’s all thereWeb Performance Challenge Having a high-performance website to build customer loyalty and attract more potential customers. Let’s learn about performance in detail in our article and how it relates to UX and SEO.

Definition of webperf or web performance

Webperf for web performance It is simply the artistic performance of website More specifically Download speed From its digital interface, be it a website, an online store, an app, etc. Webperf specifies all the actions that must be performed so that the website is seen as effective by Internet users.

What is the problem of site loading speed?

Internet users are asking more and more. They still expect the web to run faster while providing them with successful customer experiences. In fact, through customer journeyusers have to deal with a file Waiting time A large number of web pages, so that the smooth page load speed has a direct impact on conversion rate. The fast loading time allows for:

  • To retain Internet users for longer on the site,
  • To increase the conversion rate,
  • To improve web positioning.

Why should we measure site effectiveness?

It is important to Monitor web performance indicators of the site by measuring incoming traffic and analyzing user behavior. These are the indicators that will inform you about the effectiveness of your site. This data analysis will allow you, among other things, to assess the effectiveness of the channel you are using (RS, website, application, etc.), or measure the strength of carrying out a particular marketing action (email, advertising campaign, etc.). Thus, you will have an accurate idea of ​​your strategy and will be able to identify all the elements that require improvement. By measuring the performance of your site, you ensure the effectiveness of the actions taken.

How do you get satisfactory results?

To better understand the benefit of web performance, let’s go back for a moment to the elements that can hinder site performance:

  • Page load time is too long,
  • Unreachable sites.

We are facing a big problem as sites will be equipped with more functions to meet certain expectations of users. However, the more functionality the site has, the lower its effectiveness. All these effects will affect the capacity and cause a decrease in the conversion. The result: Internet users who will have a poor user experience will end up switching to a competing site.

Is there a link between UX, SEO, and web performance?

webperf is a file Knowledge owned by the user of the site and this perception will be different from one user to another. real guarantee sailing comfort And to provide a unique user experience, thepage width website It should be fast enough. You might be wondering what the link can be between webperf, UX, and SEO? Well, it’s simple. Generally, UX’s mission is to meet the expectations of Internet users by providing effective solutions to solve their problems. The customer remains his priority. You should know that in 2021, Google announced that from now on, the user experience of a website will have a real impact on the website Vision In terms of search engine optimization and thus its position in search engines.

Since this Google algorithm update, the . file performance website It has become a leading indicator of user experience. Internet users love sites that are quick to come back to. The faster the loading, the more it is consulted by Internet users and the higher the number of conversions. Just like on the desktop, the user experience on mobile will depend on the performance of the web. In this case, outdoors, the Internet connection is more volatile and less flexible. Mobile phone users Navigation status, they are less impatient and less, and therefore have more requirements for navigation. Regarding SEO, you should know that web performance plays a major role in GPS. In fact, Google’s algorithm will be based on the website’s web performance for reference.

Webperf: A Key Asset in UX and SEO

All SEO experts agree that a responsive site that responds quickly can be easily crawled by algorithms. In fact, website load time is a proven criterion that is taken into consideration in SEO. If the algorithm sees that the site is too slow, it will be severely punished classification It will decrease significantly. Google claims that more than half of Internet users flee mobile websites when the loading time exceeds three seconds. Web performance is clearly a serious asset for UX and SEO because a fast site is the quality assurance that will lead to more visits to the website.

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