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Swimming session for children in Nam Dinh (North). Photo: VNA / CVN

Hanoi (VNA) – After the school year ends, children usually stay home during the summer holidays. So the risks of accidents like suffocation, drowning, burns, poisoning etc. tend to increase, especially due to lack of adult supervision.

At the end of April 2022, the Faculty of Burns Management (affiliated with the National Burn Hospital in Lê Huu Trac) received about 20 cases of burns caused by boiling water, electricity or alcohol.

According to the vice president of the college, Dr. Hô Thi Vân Anh, the number of patients, especially children, increases during the summer because they are not in school. They stay at home and face many household accident risks.

“About 80% of burns are caused by fire, boiling water or alcohol, 10% by electricity and the remaining 10% after poisoning. Note that after the accident, patients’ relatives do not know how to properly perform first aid, until the injury worsens or becomes infected. This may make the treatment process more difficult. This is very unfortunate. For cases that eventually require amputation of a limb,” says Ms. Van Ann.

Between late April and early May 2022, the National Children’s Hospital admitted 10 people injured by electrocution, oil poisoning, and drowning.

Caution: Avoid home accidents in children hinh anh 2Books on prevention and rescue of home accidents are very useful for parents to inform their children. Photo: My Anh / CVN

Virginia, a 20-month-old girl from Bac Giang County (North), was admitted to hospital with symptoms of acute respiratory distress. She drank the liquid in the plastic bottle placed by the window without knowing that it was petroleum.

Another case was a two-year-old girl in Hanoi who removed the charging cable from a smartphone. She received an electric shock and burned her left hand.

According to doctors, the hospital annually receives young patients with various levels, mild or serious. For children from 2 to 5 years of age, accidents in general are burns, suffocation by putting small objects in the mouth, poisoning or falling. Among people aged 6 to 14, drowning is common because they are active and love to play in the water during the warm months. Hence, strict adult supervision is absolutely mandatory!

Pay more attention to children

After minor accidents, children can be treated quickly and completely. Unfortunately, some cases are so serious, they suffer from serious injuries that cannot be 100% cured. Thus, they keep the injury scars forever, and even worse, doctors sometimes have to perform amputations.

According to Dr. Lê Ngoc Duy, of the National Children’s Hospital, home accidents are a major topic, as they can create real psychological trauma in them. Part of these misfortunes come from adult neglect.

In order to avoid them, parents, first of all, should pay attention to their children. In the house, it is necessary to install partitions in front of the stairs to prevent the windows from opening with a security system.

To eliminate the risks, it is important to store medicines, knives, household products, and “do-it-yourself” products in the cupboard, out of the reach of children. Pay attention to the temperature of the water in the bathroom, keep children away from hot household appliances, and never leave containers full of liquids or hot foods within reach.

As far as drowning is concerned, adults should always supervise children who are bathing but also teach them how to swim as quickly as possible.

Above all, in order to better manage home accidents, it is necessary to teach parents first aid gestures, so that they can apply them after an accident and thus reduce the risk of serious consequences. – CVN / VNA


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