Rapporteur: a former local council member of the court

Didier Want, a former local council member of the Ecolo in Suisse, who resigned in 2016, appeared on Monday before the Namur Assize Court to respond to a ban on harassment and slander against two of his comrades. The accused had already been convicted of harassing a former first in 2014. In the context of the current facts, he was the subject of two arrest warrants and imprisonment for several dozen days because he did not respect the terms of his release.

Faced with the facts, the person concerned expressed his regret. “I lost my foot, I was suffering from major depression. My behavior was inappropriate, I lacked discrimination. I regretted hurting so many people. Hell, I lost my friends, politics, my job.”

One of the victims, who filed a complaint 7 times against Didier Want, admits: “Our romantic relationship was a mess. When I left him I was harassed through text messages, emails and threats. He sent intimate pictures to my ex-husband and my parents. He also sent a fake complaint to my employer to hurt me.

The prosecutor, represented by Regine Cornet, evokes a man who can’t stand loneliness, who loses his footing when separation occurs. “He confessed to following one of the victims, even passing every morning in front of her house. He revealed to the parents of these two victims that they were emancipated, screenshots in support of them. He has created fake profiles on the sites to access their photos. He repeated the same scenarios with these two women in 2016 and 2017.“The Public Prosecution does not object to stopping the pronouncement of the judgment due to the expiration of time and the modification of the defendant since the last facts.

May Willmott, Didier Want’s attorney, is requesting a suspension of sentencing for his client, who has since begun a psychiatric follow-up. “It was a chaotic episode in his life, he lost his balance. His relationship with one of the victims was private and humiliating. He loved her deeply and sought to contact her for answers, to find out why he ended this relationship, overnight. He was devastated by this separation, sometimes he drank, took medicines, wrote things he did not remember. He could not stand the loneliness and had been in pain since the separation from the mother of his children. He was in a deep depression. And he found himself dependent on a relationship with certain sexual connotations. Today bounce. The risk of its recurrence is almost non-existent.

Me Rasquin demands €1 in final compensation and conjures up a scene in which Want stole her client’s underwear and clothes to be worn by other women. “He was narcissistic, tough and now pretends to be a victim. He wanted to reach out to my client professionally, and told her he would go public with his privacy. The intent to harm was present. Send her up to 26 emails in one day, chaining her the next with 50 texts, belittling and insulting her. He wrote an anonymous letter to his employer requesting his dismissal. He wanted to destroy it.”

Anna Toussaint, second-party civil attorney, evokes post-separation suicidal blackmail and the defendant’s desire for harm, rather than searching for answers.

Private takes precedence over politics

One of the victims was so exhausted that she mailed the facts of her victimhood to the mayor of the time, Pierre Tassio, but also to the leader of the opposition and many of Ikolo’s comrades at the time.

The mail was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. The resignation of the local council member had already been requested during the first acts of harassment in 2014.

Testimonies of those who knew the desire for politics, it seems that the latter is no longer engaged in his job. The statements call out to a politician who constantly taps his smartphone, arrives later, leaves earlier than expected, misses appointments, forgets to deal with certain files and his love life seems to come before a political commitment.

Didier and you filed a defamation complaint against his victim. For the alter ego, who is not opposed to suspending the pronunciation of conviction, the court will have to decide the matter. “Mail is limited. If there is no slander, it is offensive.‘I, RASQUENE DEMAND THE ACQUENTION OF HIS CLIENT:’This letter was a call for help until this harassment stops.

Judgment on June 27.

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