10 signs not to be deceived!

Have you ever had that inexplicable feeling that attracts you to someone? This irrepressible need to be by her side and touch her. To feel in his presence uncontrollable feelings that overwhelm you, especially this feeling of being one? When all this is mutual, we can say that there is chemistry.

Alchemy often marks the beginnings of a romantic or friendly relationship. Few people have the opportunity to experience this connection with their partners, however, we all dream about it in our lives. It often occurs without warning and those infected are the first to be surprised. Alchemy is unexpected and often unexplainable, perceptible to everyone’s eyes. It is an invisible bond that binds the two lovers and pushes them irreparably towards each other. How do you discover it at first sight? Here are 10 unmistakable signs.

instant connection

Chemistry between a man and a woman occurs most of the time since the first meeting. It can be likened to a form of love at first sight. Its peculiarity is that the two affected people find themselves completely lost, dazed in the face of this flood of emotions. From the first words exchanged, a bond is formed, an instant understanding and an ecstasy beyond imagination.

You feel completely comfortable with this person, as if you have known each other for years. Those around you might get scared and tell you that you’re drifting away, but you don’t care. You feel like something unique is going on and you’re not wrong.

An irrepressible physical attraction

When there is chemistry between two people, it is almost impossible to be able to explain what is going on between them. At least for the external environment. In fact, the euphoria and idealism that you show towards a person can seem almost intimidating. In addition to a psychological connection, two people in chemistry also have a very strong physical attraction. They need each other almost vitally. We can even say that they complement each other and are only themselves when united.

Science has looked at this phenomenon and attributed this attraction to the chemical reactions that take place in the body. In fact, as mammals, both men and women possess pheromones that serve as emotional triggers and physiological responses.

Insatiable sexual desire

Sexual desire is the logical outcome of a relationship based on chemistry. Unlike love at first sight, which can fade over time, chemistry lasts and grows. Over time, the two lovers build a true exclusive relationship and this fusion is the apotheosis of their feelings.

Scientists managed to find an answer to this phenomenon. They discovered that in this type of relationship, the hormones are in turmoil. Using magnetic resonance imaging, they realized that the brain in the presence of the loved one is full of dopamine (the pleasure hormone), adrenaline, and norepinephrine (the satisfaction hormone), but also oxytocin (the attachment). An explosive cocktail that explains well the inexplicable feelings that overwhelm the spouses.

common well-being

People who experience real chemistry are in a hurry to find each other. When forced to separate, they survive only in the hope of finding each other. Feeling love becomes a priority in everyday life and the two beings no longer see their lives except through the prism of their love relationship. In short, they only feel good and content when they are together. This passionate love, despite its intensity and revitalization, can sometimes be toxic. So we must be careful not to turn this into an unhealthy obsession.

mutual interest

The chemistry between two people is above all love. Whoever says love says interest. Thus, between the two beings, each moment is an opportunity to take care of the other, to ensure their well-being. It can be for completely ordinary things, as well as more important things. In any case, a woman who loves you just like a man who lives in real chemistry will take care of each other. Whether through small gestures or big, intrigued statements, the signs of the chemistry between them are unmistakably clear.

silent communication

Perhaps you have already heard of these people who were able to understand each other without having to exchange a single word? Well, when there is chemistry between two people, it can go further. Not to mention telepathy, the two lovers can communicate by looking into each other’s eyes and understanding each other perfectly. They are so attached to each other that they do not need to talk to fully understand each other.

Feeling that you are enough for two people

Uniqueness is one of the signs that does not deceive when there is chemistry between two organisms. In fact, the rest of the world does not exist. The two lovers are perfectly able to live in solitude, completely excluded from the world and without feeling the need to be surrounded by other people. They live intense moments, but are also totally casual with the only priority being sharing them together. In short, without being antisocial, the alchemical couple would feel more comfortable in the cocoon they would form together in order to fully live out their love story.

expressive body language

In addition to demonstrating the chemistry that exists between two people, body language also contributes to fueling this phenomenon. In fact, two alchemists wouldn’t be able to stay away from each other. They need to touch each other, take each other’s hand, caress each other, and kiss each other until they come true.

The presence of the other nearby reassures the other and brings him the comfort and luxury he needs to feel alive. Moreover, alchemical spouses are often unable to hide their physical, sexual or emotional attraction. The body is totally submissive to the mind and gestures of attention and closeness betray this strong relationship.

Almost permanent bliss

Happiness takes on another dimension when there is chemistry between two people. It is no longer all about smiles and benevolent looks, it is above all a real emotional explosion. Most people who have experienced it with their partner describe feeling butterflies in their stomachs as soon as they lay eyes on their loved one. Even without a conversation, the simple fact of being side by side is synonymous with extreme joy and peace. The two partners are on the same wavelength, happy, accomplished, in merging and can be read on their faces.

innate complicity

Lovers who live in a relationship based on chemistry do not see time pass. At least they lose track of time. They often share the same centers of interest, the same hobbies, and the same feelings. Together they will spend exclusively any time they can share. This closeness and this merging of the two creates a complicity that is supposed to grow. They are so connected with each other that each is able to guess what the other is thinking or what he will say.

The chemistry between two people is almost pointless when you don’t see it. Everything seems to be overrated, and sometimes unhealthy in the eyes of friends. However, one could sum it up by saying that two clan spirits had finally come together.

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