Youth: Trusting Children for the Future of the World

Every year EDDHT (School of Human and Land Rights) It works to transmit the basic values ​​of our society, by adopting an educational and pedagogical approach to reach the youngest. This year human rights spring Organized in Castelginest (Haute-Garonne), its main theme was gender equality, with the title Journey into the world of Vega – United for Equality

Young people…the topic is necessary for EDDHTAs indicated by its president, lawyer Mi Francois Cantier : “We are constantly developing pedagogical expertise, trying to pass it on to children The values ​​that are the foundation of the company. What sets us apart is to develop tools to reach our goal in the most effective way, especially through the fun aspect. We dedicate 40% of our time to developing these methodologies. “

Discover over 100 kids “Vega world”

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Welcome and immerse inIt’s a Vega worldfuturistic world,Over 100 children gathered to participate and discuss in a playful way about the core issues of our community.

From several cities on the outskirts of Toulouse They were able to express freely

in the face of some of the questions that concern society today and thus are more willing to face them and make them develop when they become adults … In theworld of vega And the where they discovered a world different from ours,

“It is inhabited by humans who are more tolerant and respectful of all. When sport is more cooperative than competition, listening is valued at least as much as speaking and rights are respected…” Then, on a giant fresco Which was open to them, the children were able to share their vision of human rights. Some of their sentences:“We all have the same rights.” ..“White or black, we are all equal.” ..“For me, freedom is that everyone is free to do whatever they want”

Between the strong and the weak, it is freedom that persecutes, and the law that liberates. Founded in April 2006Written by François Cantier, attorney and founder of Lawyers Without Borders France EDDHTl’ is a 1901 law association of general interest and not-for-profit. Since June 2021, she has opened her educational field

And training to respect the land. More than a profession, its commitmentin’ School of Human and Land Rights For François Cantier, what gives meaning to his life: She was born in a village in Aude, in a wealthy family. Growing up in my youth and association with poor comrades was a revolt against injustice, at the basis of my commitments that tore my life. A phrase from Lacordere has always inspired me:“Between the strong and the weak, freedom persecutes, and the law sets free.” . this is

A quote followed me all my life and guided me in my choice to become a lawyer…”in the early 90 He turned to international criminal justice, then co-founded Lawyers Without Borders in 1998. “Eight years later, he explains, I wanted to continue my commitment to work for Education, from an early age, in basic rightsby creating human rights schoolwhich is now called School of Human and Land Rights because it is necessary

To restore a harmonious relationship first between humans, and then between them and the Earth.”

New recruits and educational game Every year, the EDDHT team Based in Toulouse(**) organize civil dating To meet all volunteers who want to join the team.“We take utmost care of new recruits as soon as they arrive: escape game, friendly time to take charge of projects and get to know each other better, training in the basics of human rights education”

locates the school. The association is also developing a board game(Republic ) rolling around Six values ​​and principles

Freedom, equality, brotherhood, secularism, justice and respect.

Castelginest, Cornebarrieu, Mondonville, Mons, Saint-Jory, Seilh, Saint-Orens-de-Gameville(**) School of Human and Land Rights 14 boulevard de la gare, Toulouse. a program

: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm –

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