Roland-Garros – John McEnroe: “I’m trying to be there for the kids in New York” #RolandGarros #RG22 #McEnroe #FrenchOpen #Tennis

John McEnroe He continues to share his knowledge of tennis and all his experience with the youth. was american Roland Garros Saturday as godfather for Team Young Talents MAC 1 to me United StateAnd the A team of elite young players from John McEnroe Tennis Academy to me New York City. And the legend talked about his role with all his youth but not only… The 63-year-old also talked about the need to promote tennis and of course this Roland Garros 2022. Interview with a seven-time Grand Slam winner for a tasting.

John McEnroe at the tennis news microphone

“I’m trying to be there for the kids in New York”

Legend is back for the first time in the MAC 1 role: “MAC 1 is a way to help kids. I have been very fortunate to have been able to grow up in New York. It is the best city in the world I think, Paris is a great city too. I try to reproduce what was there when I was young, a great tennis community. I try to be Being there for the kids in New York. It gives these kids the chance to have an experience they’ve never had before. It would be great for someone to win the US Open or Roland-Garros. But above all, to learn life lessons, many of these young people won’t be Great professional players but it gives them a chance in their life and use that experience in their life. We also help because you have to travel, you pay your coach, you pay the hotel…”

“We have to do a better job promoting this sport”

Very clear, he is of the opinion that promoting tennis should be better to attract new practitioners and therefore potential future champions. “I had 4 girls and two boys. When my daughters grew up, with the changes in society, especially thanks to Billie Jean King, they believed in getting the same opportunities at the same prices. In women, you see the best athletes playing. For men, there is also basketball, baseball, hockey … We have to promote the game, let the children say to themselves, let’s go play tennis. Then we have to help them because many kids can’t pay. It’s great physically but you’re on your own so you can learn life lessons. Tennis is a bit of chess. We need to do a better job of promoting this sport.

“I must be a leader who inspires them”

Should he find the new John McEnroe? “Yes, that would be fine. My job is to provide as many opportunities as possible for as many children as possible to make their dreams come true. I must be a leader who inspires them, to make them understand that what is required at certain times is desire, will, and heart. To be able to do whatever it takes. If it wasn’t John McEnroe, it would be great if it was Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic or even Carlos Alcaraz. I have to remind people in my academy that I played (Laugh) “.

“We can think it will be Novak or Nadal or even Alcaraz, it would be a surprise if none of the three won.”

Finally, the American, of course, surrendered himself to the game of predictions. “Before the tournament, six of them could definitely win. They are all still in the tournament. We can think it will be Novak or Nadal or even Alcaraz. Tsitsipas is in a good position because he is at the bottom but it would be a surprise if one of the three did not win.”

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