Children rejected at school, angry mother and scandal

Her autistic son, Rovran speaks out about him

As we know, influencers are used to sharing everything with internet users. Today, mothers who participate in large families have become real stars in social networks Thus, they can be considered influential.

Without delving into the topic, Rovran decided to announce news to Internet users. After a series of tests, the diagnosis actually fell out for Khair al-Din: “ My appointment with the psychiatrist is an exchange about charity. It’s a series of questions, so I answer as best I can. She confirms this to me and says to me: “Madam Bambara, yes there are peculiarities that bet on the end to the end, They fall within a fairly wide range of the autism and autism spectrum“.

I decided not to talk about it anymore, maybe so as not to receive more criticism. In fact, the families who take part in the show receive a lot of hate letters that go into production: “ Dear viewers, for several weeks now, families have been regularly attacked on social networks. We would like to remind you that if Large Families: Life in XXL is a show we’ve all loved commenting on, it is important that we do so with kindness and respect for others. Insults, threats and hate messages against families have no place. Thanks“.

Rofran is used for cash

Despite this message that the production spreads, sometimes criticism and threats are common on social networks. Some Internet users take the behavior of mothers, and sometimes even children, very seriously. Rovran makes no secret that she receives a lot of criticism regarding the education she wants to give her children :

I get a lot of messages telling me, “You should have taken the pacifier off, they are great at wearing pacifiers.” So I think every kid goes at their own pace. Besides, Sunny took it off on his own. They go at their own pace“.

But she didn’t necessarily think her bad reputation would have direct consequences for her children. However, she returned with emotion to the comments made by the director of the enterprise. Shocking words.

Big Families: Teachers reject Rovran children in their class

In the story, the mother tells her subscribers that she discovered her son Khreis alone in front of the school. This is totally unacceptable to her. Then she asked the principal of the school to explain herself to her and find out the reason behind this situation.. Very quickly, Rofran threatens to withdraw her children from school, fearing for her children’s safety. It is not enough for the director, who revealed to her about the mistresses of the establishment, to worry:

You should know that teachers pick who’s in their class and in this case, they rejected two of our kids because we’re reality TV people. When you’re a teacher, you don’t choose a student for his head, his beliefs, or anything or even less, because these people chose television. From the moment the two teachers refuse the children in their class, you are outlaws … deprive my children of a normal education, and this does not pass“.

Finally, Rofran revived the debate about media coverage of children on television. On the set of TPMP People, Big Families star Amandine Pellissard defended herself. If she shows the daily life of her children on television and on social networking sites, she makes it clear that she talks to them at length and does not obligate them in any way. But some people believe that it is not healthy to expose children, and that it can have consequences in their future lives.

But now this media coverage has affected Rofran and her children. Hopefully, the young woman can find a solution, common ground with the school, or simply a new school if no teacher wants one of her children in her class, because of their bad reputation.

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