bioMérieux relies on Amazon Web Services to innovate

Artificial intelligence, data analysis, digital imaging … In recent years, advanced technologies have revolutionized the world of health, including diagnostic tests that help doctors prevent diseases, determine their origin or determine the most effective treatment. patient. In her desire to always better serve public health, bioMérieux, Diagnostic Specialist in the laboratorySince its inception in 1963, it has made innovation a pillar of its strategy. Its research and development activity brings together about 1,800 people and 17 innovation centers around the world. The company, which is headquartered in Marcy-L’Etoile, near Lyon, employs a total of 13,500 people with a value of 3.1 billion euros in 2020.

On a daily basis, the teams are committed to developing new diagnostic solutions in the fields of clinical and industrial microbiology, molecular biology and immunoassays. These solutions allow medical biology laboratories (city or hospital) to provide reliable and rapid diagnosis to their patients and customers in the food and pharmaceutical sectors to ensure contamination-free production for consumers. Among bioMérieux’s successes during the COVID-19 pandemic: the development of six complementary molecular bioassays and three serological tests to detect SARS-CoV-2.

The cloud, a key element of agility

To develop these innovations, which combine medical knowledge with new technologies, data is of course a key component. However, the ability to host and run requires agile infrastructures…so, since 2015, bioMérieux has started to adopt the cloud provided by Amazon Web Services. “The advantage with this type of cloud platform is the ability to explore avenues of valuable opportunities through data.”, says Christophe Kane, Director of Business Technology at bioMérieux. Concretely, thanks to the cloud, bioMérieux . was created “An exploratory space where data scientists and data analysts can easily search for data, work on it and make it speak”Developed by Alina Gherman, a data engineer at Lyon. a “Sandbox”Somehow, “Where it is possible to make a risk-free evaluation of the first results of the prototypes prior to manufacture”, she says.

In more detail, the data lake, included in the AWS suite of cloud solutions, has enabled bioMérieux teams to make rapid progress in developing diagnostic solutions aimed at detecting SARS-CoV-2 variants, while giving the possibility to engage customers in prototyping. Another feature highlighted: Cloud enables hosting and availability of customized solutions for microbiology laboratories such as MYLA® Lab Analytics, a dynamic statistics aggregator, built by bioMérieux, where data is converted in real time into intuitive dashboards. “It simplifies the life of a customer who subscribes to this approach, because they can set up the solution in their lab and access lab performance data more quickly.”Christophe Kanye analyzes it. Finally, AWS solutions are also an asset for implementing predictive maintenance processes in-house, these experts are assured.

The many strengths that have been praised by bioMérieux, a member of the Fab – the Franco-French brand that aims to unite industrialists and promote the promotion of French industry abroad – since 2018, whose teams also appreciate, in the process of innovation, “joint construction” with AWS. “Due to the sensitivity of data – as in the field of health – we are in close contact with AWS to ensure that we comply with all applicable regulations”notes Alina Germann. “Working hand in hand and a true transparent partnership, whose goal above all is the advancement of public health in the world”, Christophe Kanye concludes.