Already married, gay… his complicated relationships

Mimi Mathi is living the perfect love with the man she met in 2003. Two years later, she’s his wife and today, this couple is more united than ever! If she finally managed to find happiness in the arms of Benoist Gérard, then the heroine of “Joséphine, Guardian Angel” experienced many setbacks in love. Objeko tells you about the somewhat complex emotional past of Mimie Mathy.

Mimie Mathy gathers many viewers on TF1 every week. And indeed, the actress excels in the role of “Josephine, the Guardian Angel”. This light-hearted and entertaining series offers many minutes of entertainment for all who want to take a break from the sad news. But today, Josephine didn’t catch our eye. Mimi Mathy, this famous French actress, went through disappointments in love before finding happiness in the arms of the man of her life. This is the topic we will cover in this article. You may recognize yourself in his story…

Mimi Mathi finds happiness after many disappointments in love

In 2003, the French comedian and actress met a chef who was also part of the audience on his single “I’m Talking to You”. During her show, Mimi Mathi invited her to join her on the stage, where she fell in love with the famous Benoist Gerard. The icing on the cake, that crush is mutual! He is also enchanted. Only two years after this happy meeting, the two love birds marry. This union is a source of immense happiness for those who have had to face many obstacles in their love life.

If you watch “Come on, I’ll take you” broadcast on France 3 on Friday 27 May, you can read the happiness on Mimi Mathi’s face. In fact, she has finally found the person who makes her happy. It took a lot of patience and courage during all these years that he spent in the hope of finding the shoe that fits her. On the set of Michelle Drucker, the actress agreed to discuss her agitated emotional past. “I have always dealt with complicated situations. That means when you throw yourself into the arms of a notorious gay. I was convinced I would change it” Captured to the antenna.

His attempt to have a gay romance was not his only mistake. Mimi Mathi also shared her life with a married man. She had long hoped that he would leave his wife to formalize their relationship. Unfortunately, it ended up being a huge disappointment. “I met a married man, it happened to me. You are convinced that he will leave his wife … I was always on top or next to her, but I was never in the right place. Until I met Benoist.” Explained to Michel Drucker.

happy couple in love

More united than ever, the couple opened a restaurant together. This project did not live up to their hopes, but whatever it was, the bond these two shared is stronger than anything! Additionally, Mimi Mathi continues to thrive in the role of “Josephine” and episodes follow each other. This series is also one of the most watched series on TF1. This is a huge success for the actress! As for Benoist, he is just as happy as his wife. Wine lovers live precisely this by his passion. “When we sold our restaurant in 2008, Benoist became passionate about vine. We only have two hectares but they produce quality wine that is today on the tables of many starred restaurants. Benoist is working like crazy, I am very proud of his success.” Mimi Mathy says.

By telling her story, the actress and comedian reminds us that we should never lose hope. No matter how many disappointments you have been through in love, fate can still hold some wonderful surprises in store for you. You see, it’s never too late to find love. Moreover, this is all the tastier when he has been waiting for years. Mimi Mathi is a great example and by her testimony, she has certainly revived the hope of many souls in need of love.

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