Agricultural web readers aim for autonomy

What to do apart from being self-sufficient, in the face of rising animal feed prices and supply difficulties? This is the question Web-agri readers ask themselves. For some, the economic situation may be an opportunity to change livestock systems, by including more weeds in rations. With the risk of suffering more from dehydration.

with High prices and difficulties in supplying animal feedAnd the First time He warns: “It smells like a lack of food! It’s coming, it’s coming…”

Bob He wonders whether it is wise to “invest in a feed mill amid a decline in breeding”. He believes that “collaborators will continue to pay the nurse.”

Time for a ‘regime change’

for Damien Bertterit’s time to change the education system “L”Food self-sufficiency for farms“Now!”, he releases.

Should Shepherds produce food for their flocks Also urges to “short-circuit the current warped system” agricultural mill. “If anyone is interested, I’ll take the pills in July,” he suggests.

The joy of independence!

“I am not telling you that you are happy that you are 90% self-governing and are no longer dependent on it.” External purchases of breeding foodEmphasizes masoul.

“If we reduce the sizes cattle grainindustry will be less dependent.” number. “But beyond that, you need political will…,” nuanced this reader.

Growing food for your animals

Laurent Neurott Refers to “the old days when farmers grew food for their animals”!

“Everything came from the farm: hay, forage beets, little green corn… At the time, there was no fodder, continues Chris Marr.” But people only had 10 or 15 cows,” he points out.

Therefore, today Russian gas is needed to produce inputs in Ukraine that are delivered to France by Polish drivers. Farmers are enslaved by companies and their full product range,” continues Laurent Neurott.

Our ancestors did, so why not?

“I am currently reshaping my food ration for next year: forage corn, grass roll, alfalfa roll, and flat grain, all produced on the farm, witness the Benjamin Boudl. The Feed cost for livestock Mainly packaging costs. I think you could be pretty good going back to the basics, our ancestors did it, so why not us? »

Feeding livestock with farm produce“is to witness to the consumer the possibility of traceability from A to Z”, complete Clement Leroy.

“Bet on the Grass”

“All this to intimidate and encourage breeders to hedge during the soybean decline,” ANALYSIS Renee Benblanc. “The producers clearly understood the need for Bet on the independence of grass and protein ‘, he insists.

Thomas Tessier ATTENTION: “This year, I bet the grass and the prosperity, I have already returned to the winter quotas due to the drought. More than a month without a drop of water…”

And in case of drought?

Rene Flandrin From the same opinion: “A drought will surely destroy this good lawn quickly! »

roman dent It is concerned with “changing the formulation according to the arrival and prices of joint products”. He asks himself: How to correct the quotas? “In raw materials, you buy a product, not a price. Even if it’s expensive (which it isn’t always), I find it nutritionally safer!”, he adds.

Ronan Noella Perino He strongly opposes and believes that there are no problems with availability, because “the silos are full of grain”.

Marie-Pierre Bocq He shares this view with us: “Everything is still shut off the Suez Canal, in their damned containers. Meanwhile, ship owners are making money off our backs.”

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