After the Ovaldi massacre, the first chilling testimonies from the surviving children

While President Joe Biden was scheduled to visit Texas on Sunday, May 29, America on Saturday found the first testimonies of children who survived the Ovaldi massacre, describing the horror at this Texas school where the shooter killed 19 young students and two teachers.

The day before, Texas authorities had claimed responsibility, acknowledging that police had taken a ‘bad decision’ Do not enter the building quickly. It took the police about an hour on Tuesday to put an end to the massacre, despite numerous calls from children to intervene. The nineteen agents on the scene were waiting for a specialized unit attack.

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“I think he was pointing at me.”

Inside, children were locked up with the shooter, Salvador Ramos, who is only 18 years old. When he entered the room, the latter closed the door and said to the children: “You will all die”Before the shooting, survivor Samuel Salinas, 10, told ABC on Friday. “I think he was pointing at me.”The child testified, but a chair between him and the shooter blocked the bullet.

In the room covered in blood, Samuel Salinas, so as not to be targeted by bullets, tried to “Playing Dead”.

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The children who survived are ‘shocked’

Miah Cerrillo, 11, tried to escape the attention of Salvador Ramos in the same way. The girl covered herself in the blood of her companion, whose body was next to her, she explained to CNN, in unrefined testimony. She had just seen a teenager kill his teacher, after telling her about it ” good night “.

Another student, Daniel, told the Washington Post that while the victims waited for the police to arrive and be rescued, no one screamed.

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I was scared and exhausted because the bullets almost hit me. »

Her teacher, who was injured in the attack but survived, was whispering to the students about her “keep calm” Nor ” Don’t move “.

A little girl, who was hit by a bullet in turn, kindly asked the teacher to call the police, saying that she “bleeds a lot”said Daniel, who no longer sleeps alone and has nightmares. children who survived “They are shocked, and they will have to live with that for the rest of their lives”His mother Briana Ruiz said.

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I can’t wait to go back to school

Samuel Salinas also said he had nightmares in which he saw the shooter. The thought of going back to school, or even seeing your classmates, is still scary. “I’m not in a hurry”He emphasized, adding that he wanted to ” staying at home “ and this is “to rest”.

And in the city of Ovaldi, dozens of people gathered on Saturday morning in the central square, which has become a place to honor the victims. In the 21 intersections that now stand there – one for each victim – we can read ” I love you “ where ” I miss you “.

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Residents leave flowers, stuffed animals, letters addressed to pupils and teachers. And think about the survivors, too. “We have to help these kids get out of this trauma and this pain.”says Umberto Renovato, 33.

Joe Biden in Ovaldi

This Sunday, the President of the United States and his wife, Jill Biden, will travel to Ovaldi, to “to take part in mourning” Residents of this small town suffered one of the worst gun massacres in recent years in the country. “You can’t make drama illegal, I know. But we can make America safer.”Joe Biden implored in a speech on Saturday, expressing his regret “In many places, many innocents died”.

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Its vice president, Kamala Harris, was at the funeral of one of the 10 African American victims killed in mid-May in a racist shooting in Buffalo, New York. “We will not allow those motivated by hate to separate or intimidate us.”checked.

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The Ovaldi shooting reawakened America’s shocks. The faces of the very young victims, ages 9 to 11, have been repeatedly broadcast on television, and the testimonies of their devastated relatives have moved the country, re-launching a wave of calls for better gun regulation. Democratic president, who regularly denounced“epidemic” gun violence, it has so far failed to pass comprehensive legislation on the issue.

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