Visual Studio at Microsoft Build 2022, a conference for software engineers and web developers using Windows, had the opportunity to make some announcements.

This week’s Microsoft Build 2022 conference saw some announcements during Amanda Silver’s themed session and in several sub-rooms. We’ve launched the .NET Cross-Platform Application User Interface (also known as .NET MAUI), and announced Microsoft Dev Box, Azure and Visual Studio deployment environments on Arm64, said Chris Hardy, Senior Program Manager, .NET.

Microsoft Build is an annual conference hosted by Microsoft for software engineers and web developers using Windows, Microsoft Azure, and other Microsoft technologies. It was first held in 2011, behind previous Microsoft developer events, Professional Developers Conference (a rare event that covered software development for Windows) and MIX (which covered web development focused on Microsoft technologies such as Silverlight and

While Visual Studio 17.2 and 17.3 Preview 1 were released just two weeks ago, Microsoft also released Visual Studio 17.0 for Mac and 17.3 Preview 1. The .NET MAUI tool was released in Preview with Visual Studio 2022 17.3.


There are more than 1 billion devices running Windows 10 and 11 worldwide and more than 4 billion iPhone and Android devices. The number of users of these devices is constantly increasing. Whether you are a web developer or a local app developer, you want to reach as many customer devices as possible with an exceptional user experience and in the most efficient way. To enable .NET developers to have access to all of these devices, Microsoft has built a powerful framework and user interface tools in Visual Studio that simplify and simplify the way you create great client applications for all devices.

NET MAUI is the most productive way to develop high-performance native applications on any Android, iOS, macOS or Windows device from a single code base. Instead of learning different sets and languages ​​for each device, you can use one language, set of libraries, and one UI stack for all devices. NET MAUI is built on top of .NET 6, which means you get a single, unified .NET experience for all the types of workloads, projects, and high-performance applications you’ve come to expect.

.NET MAUI also allows you to create hybrid web applications. Blazor allows you to create interactive web user interfaces in C# instead of JavaScript. You can share Blazor web components directly into .NET MAUI applications while still having access to native device capabilities and packaging. With .NET MAUI and Blazor together, you can reuse a range of web user interface components for mobile, desktop, and web applications.

The .NET MAUI Tools are available with Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 1.1 on Windows and Visual Studio 2022 17.3 Preview 1 on Mac. It includes Hot Reload technology to allow you to be more productive building .NET MAUI applications. You can also take advantage of the latest debugging, sensitivity, and testing features in Visual Studio to write better code faster.

Maintaining a developer workstation capable of building, running, and debugging your application is critical to keeping up with modern development teams. As developers, we need the flexibility to set up and maintain our desktops, but even small changes can unexpectedly break our development environments, disrupt our streaming, and cost hours of downtime. Dans le mme temps, les responsables de la gestion des machines et de l’approvisionnement s’efforcent d’offrir aux quipes de dveloppement la flexibilit dont elles ont besoin pour rester productives, tout en assurant la scuritour app de la mise j company.

Microsoft DevBox

This week the company announced Microsoft Dev Box, a new cloud service that gives you configurable, secure, ready-to-use Windows developer desktops for hybrid teams of any size. Microsoft Dev Box lets you stay in your flow and focus on code that only you can write, without worrying about workstation setup and maintenance. Development teams preconfigure Dev Boxes for specific projects or tasks, allowing you to quickly get started with a ready environment to build and run your application in minutes.

Since Microsoft Dev Box is essentially a Windows 11 device in the cloud, it is ideal for Visual Studio development. At the same time, Microsoft Dev Box ensures that unified management, security, and compliance remain in the hands of IT by leveraging Windows 365 to integrate Dev Boxes with Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Dev Box is in private preview and will be available in public preview in the coming months.

Azure Deployment Environments

Over the past few years, DevOps has radically changed the way Microsoft develops software. New processes and tools have allowed developers to do more in less time, while working on increasingly complex applications. However, for many organizations, providing developers with the complex infrastructure needed to deploy, test, and run their applications remains a challenge due to the difficulty of balancing speed, security, and compliance.

This week Microsoft announced Azure Deployment Environments, a new cloud-based service that enables development teams like yours to quickly set up application infrastructure using infrastructure templates as code that reduces execution time while increasing security, compliance, and profitability.

Visual Studio Arm64

At this week’s Build conference, Microsoft also announced that its next version of Visual Studio will run natively on Windows 11 Arm64 and will support building and debugging Arm64 apps directly on Arm-based devices. We’ve been steadily accelerating support for the Arm64 developer community, which includes the hardware, toolkit, and of course, Visual Studio. Microsoft says Visual Studio Preview for Arm64 will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

It is possible to choose from a catalog of selected models and publish them directly from their site, local CLI or custom development portal. These templates allow developers to focus on coding and testing their applications rather than dealing with the complexities of providing the environment. In addition, deployment environments enable development teams to maintain consistency across teams, centralize common configurations, and enhance security.

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