Their disabled children are prohibited from accompanying people in school, and parents take legal action

His application to the Administrative Court of Nice led to his dismissal. “but whatever”Marie Locote rejoices. Starting next week, a Companion for Children with Disabilities (AESH) should finally be assigned to her son.

Great relief for this Minton mom who has been fighting for months with her husband to win her case.

Their son Theo [son prénom a été modifié]seven years old and educated at City Hall, suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

“At first, I naively called…”

Until now, he did not need to accompany him in his studies but since the beginning of the school year, “He got worse”Marie Locote says: “Daily life is hard because he can’t manage himself, it disrupts learning and class. Several times, the school called me to pick him up…”

On February 1, 2022, the Alpes-Maritimes Home for the Handicapped (MDPH) granted Théo support for a 12-hour week. This is where the obstacle course for both parents begins because, in fact, this help was never given to their son.

“At first, naively, I called Nice DSDEN and asked them how to go about getting an AESHTroy Marie Lockott. Then each serve started passing the ball to each other.”

Message after message, call after call, Marie Locote comes to ask for no less than seven different interlocutors. Some, such as Celine Benayoun, AESH District Coordinator for the Valleys Sector, answer that AESH will be appointed “As soon as possible”.

AESH the day before the hearing

On April 8, it was Jean-Marc Messina, the National Education Inspector for the Menton District, who told him via email that “Academic services are having difficulties in recruiting additional AESH”.

With the help of the TouPI Association, Theo’s parents took over the administrative court in Nice on May 3. “I never imagined that I would one day prosecute anyone.Sorry, Marie Lockett. I had no knowledge of the law nor the means to hire a lawyer, my only chance was to be a secretary, so writing does not frighten me. It is sad to come to this… I am not even trying to blame the university, it is a complete administrative machine but during this time there are human tragedies behind it. There are children suffering.”

His request for interim relief was denied on May 20 because, the day before the hearing, the administration of Nice had notified the court of AESH’s enlistment with effect from September 1, 2022 at the latest.

‘The school finally told me she could be in office as early as June’Marie Locote adds.

‘It’s a vicious cycle’

positive result for ‘A long and difficult school year’ Which Socin and Frédéric Cotelat hope to know, too. They have been waiting to receive an AESH award for their son, who is also a student at the Hôtel de Ville, since 2019.

“In 2020, her AESH was assigned but she only stayed for ten days before taking sick leave because she had health issues and did not want to risk exposure to Covid-19.Sawsan Kotellat explains. We contacted MDPH and they told us that when AESH was appointed to the position, it was not possible to replace her. So he remained without AESH until the end of the year. Then again in 2021.” The couple are determined to pursue justice this year.

“We are forced to come to this. If we simply file back, we know we won’t have any answer before the end of the school year. At the time, we were told it wasn’t worth it because it was almost summer. It’s a vicious cycle!”criticize.

“There are no matching profiles”

Last year, the parents also took over the rights advocate. “He called the academy, and they told him there were no profiles that matched the enlistment. The one who told us our only option left was to take legal action.”Saoussene Coutillat reports.

“Can you imagine all the things it would take just to educate his child? Sometimes I think to myself that in a few years I will have to homeschool him, blow up mother. We didn’t want to do that, we wanted him to be in school with other kids his age, he’s a social boy, that’s how they build themselves…”

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