What you do with your smartphone to get more time and more energy

Do you often feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do in your day and feel tired regularly, but don’t know how to regain more energy and have more time to relax? What if all you had to do was do one simple thing with your smartphone to change the course of your days?

Why do you turn off your smartphone at night

Surely you have already, because unfortunately it is a very tempting bad habit that awaits all of us: consulting your smartphone until the last minute before going to bed is very attractive on paper because it quickly turns into a reflex that is almost part of our bedtime routine and is very harmful The quality of our sleep.

It cannot be repeated enough that blue light enhances a state of wakefulness that leads to insomnia, inappropriate awakenings during the night, a longer duration of sleep as well as less restorative sleep. Autrement dit, rien n’est bénéfique dans cette habitude… et si, inversement, il suffisait d’éteindre votre smartphone AVANT d’entrer dans votre chambre pour booster votre niveau d’énergie, betretempauetup de voir plus voir for you ?

It sounds very simple, but after trying it for several months, I can tell you that it really works (and once you try it, you’ll never want to go back). Even if it seems difficult at first because you have to motivate yourself to change your habits, by turning off your phone before you put your foot in the bedroom and leaving it, say, in the living room, the kitchen or any other room in the As long as it’s not where you go To him to sleep, you get used to it very quickly and above all you will enjoy all the advantages that this entails. Because if you turn off your smartphone before entering your room, it means that:

  • You no longer scroll endlessly on social networks or check your latest emails right before you go to bed, so you can limit the harmful effect of blue light on your sleep
  • Since you don’t have a phone handy, you tend to either read a bit, listen to relaxing music, a fun podcast, or just sleep, which frees you up for at least twenty minutes a day to do an activity you enjoy and that makes you feel fine.
  • Since this popular smartphone is no longer within reach and on (or worse, connected to the mobile network if you’re not used to putting it on airplane mode at night), you won’t suffer from the effect of waves all night long, so you sleep better and sounder
  • And don’t be tempted to look at the time or go do research when you wake up in the middle of the night (the worst thing to do with insomnia because blue light triggers the waking state again, for those who read too quickly a few paragraphs earlier)
  • When your smartphone is off and in another room, you will automatically lose the reflex to pick it up as soon as you open your eyes each morning. This has a very positive effect on your mood (reading disturbing news as soon as you wake up will not help anyone to be optimistic and start their day on the right foot), it allows you to set up a much healthier morning routine (since you don’t have a phone in your hands, you will wake up faster, So you’ll have more time to stretch out and have breakfast or get ready quietly), so it won’t be racing anymore, you won’t arrive late and you’ll start your day calmly
  • Getting used to the habit of disconnecting allows you to regain your strength: we don’t realize it, but mobile apps are designed to be addictive and make us scroll as much as possible or consume pages, articles, products, etc. So we very quickly lose control of the time that passes, which directly affects our schedule, our day and increases our stress without even realizing it. Learning to be able to mute your phone, if you’re just sleeping, or to put yourself in airplane mode when you want to eat in peace or focus on a particular task, is a great way to take back control. Experiencing the influence of smartphone, social networking and new technologies which are very practical and wonderful tools when used well, they are just right but they can generate a lot of stress or anxiety or distract us from our goals or responsibilities in real life. By learning to disconnect, you have to decide for yourself the times of the day when you can spend time on your smartphone, and which times you have the most urgent and important things to do. Thus, it is only natural that you devote more time each day to what is really important, so you devote more time to emergencies, and seeing the progress of your to-do list automatically reduces the stress associated with it, and you give more time to activities that make you well.

You understand this, even when you use your smartphone on a daily basis for work, when you need to be very connected, when you want to use social networks every day or when you consider your smartphone as a way to have fun on a daily basis, learning how to disconnect when needed, it is necessary Finding more time, energy and more motivation. You only need to test it for a few days to realize its benefits to your sleep, at first, and in series on organizing your entire day. Just test for a week, and you’ll see: you’ll win very fast!

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