“Kids smell everything. From my experience with my son, I strongly believe in him.

Actress on the Croisette in The Five Demonsby Léa Mysius, where she plays the mother of a young girl with magical powers.

Eight-year-old Vicky has a secret: a highly developed sense of smell that allows her to penetrate other people’s memories. Thus she discovers the past of her mother, Joan, a former beauty queen living in a small mountain town between a husband she no longer desires, and the toxic glances of the neighbours: in her youth, Joan is associated with the drama that shocked the scene. Then she married a black man. The role of a “vulgar” woman at first glance, as her translator, Adele Exarchopoulos, describes her, who accompanies her on her way to reconciliation with herself and her family.

The Five DemonsBy Léa Mysius, presented at the 75th Cannes Film Festival in two weeks for directors, is a beautiful film imbued with magical realism, which tells how secrets never set us free from the past, and that children are the first to discover them. After nearly ten years Adele’s lifeAn interview with those whose choices mark a rich eclectic career in French cinema.

Powers and Secrets

Madame Figaro. – Why did a script seduce you? five demons s?
Adèle Exarchopoulos .- I knew Leah’s work, and I saw her first movie, Ava. I find there is something very interesting about his cinema: they are intimate stories told in a wonderful setting. I liked the fact that there were so many important topics covered, without being frontal: whether it was a love story between two women, or a mixed family we rarely see in cinemas. There is also the fact of playing with non-professional actors. Sally Drama, who plays the lead, my daughter, is great: To build our bonds, Léa has given us exercises, like playing full scenes as she clings to my back, as if I were a branch. Very selfishly, I also loved the fact that we see my character, at the dawn of his 17, 18, and then his 30s. It’s great to be able to play the same person at two completely different times in their lives.

“06400-Cannes”: Postcard of the 2022 Festival, Episode 3

It is also a movie about everything children realize despite what is not said…
yes. It’s funny, it’s a movie about smells, and we often say we “smell” or “don’t smell” things. I’m sure kids are capable of that. They do not analyze, and they are not like us trying to theorize everything, but they “feel” everything. From my experience with my son, I strongly believe in him. I realize that the older I get, the more I discuss with my parents questions that I have not dared to ask them before. I don’t want to settle in this silence with my son. Of course there is humility, you have to find a happy medium in what you have to say. But I think it’s important to talk about everything, about your failures, and about your regrets.

The Five Demons It tells a love story that neither time nor racism nor guilt can mitigate… Is romance a concept you are sensitive to?
Yes, in the movies as in life. I love romance in everyday life, which is rather ordinary. Deepest sympathy touches me. We need it, even in friendship: it is important to know how to say “I love you”, “I will be there for you.” It’s something I’ve learned to do, and I’m proud of it.

Awkward first times

I got the Palme d’Or with Adele’s life in 2013. When you go back to the Cannes Film Festival, does a blank page always open, or do memories of that version keep coming back?
It’s a new page every time. Every festival is a new opportunity, a new joy, especially depending on the people we share it with. When I think back to Adele’s lifeOther than the fact that it was an extraordinary experience because we won the Palme d’Or and the movie made an impact on people, I also remember the embarrassment the first few times. I find it important to cultivate it. We must constantly realize that we are fortunate.

And where is your golden palm today?
at my parents.

“06400 Cannes”: Postcard from the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Episode 2

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