Here are the most pessimistic star signs of all time

It is not always easy to stay positive and see life in pink, especially when we hear bad news, when fears build up or when news channels tell us very bad news over and over again, as is especially the case right now and since the beginning of the health crisis. However, not all astrological signs have the same way of dealing with life’s vicissitudes and difficult situations, and some are more pessimistic than others.

Astrological signs are the most pessimistic

Here are the signs of the zodiac who always tend to think of the worst case scenario, who will want to give up quickly or who have a slight tendency to get depressed at the slightest worry. If you find yourself out there or if you see your partner’s sign on this list, you’ll be warned: It’s best to have a strong heart and stay well grounded so as not to let yourself get caught up in these waves of pessimism.

And if you can keep your spirits high and keep it up, that’s good news: After every wave of pessimism, these astro signs always end up succeeding in setting the record straight and finding balance. While waiting for the next roller coaster that will make them dive…


Any Cancer person knows this all too well: This Water sign is very sensitive and therefore sees their moods fluctuate in waves. All it takes is a simple, seemingly harmless word to plunge him into a deep depression that causes him to shut himself out and constantly think about what is bothering him. Cancer tends to immerse themselves in silence and analyze everything excessively, which does not help them at all to move forward. He even soon thinks that everyone is against him, while it is better to trust others and open up to them to realize that in the end, no one is angry with him!


Virgos are very idealistic and turn into a bad mood when things don’t go exactly as planned. Very anxious, she is always on the lookout for the little monster and thus seems arrogant while this feeling mainly comes from the fact that she is always worried about everything. It becomes very difficult to live with a Virgo and they will benefit a lot from putting less pressure on themselves, because by focusing on their successes rather than what they haven’t been able to achieve yet, they will greatly improve their mood and will have more ease in finding solutions!


Capricorn is definitely the king of the pessimistic signs because this unfortunate tendency is often expressed in him, mainly because he is also very idealistic and has high demands on himself. He is so afraid of being disappointed at one point or another that he prefers to imagine the worst or convince himself that he is a failure. It helps her to have no expectations and is a way to express her deepest need for control. It is easier for him to tell himself that he cannot rely on anyone than on someone else, because he prefers to manage everything himself.

He won’t hesitate to break the first for example rather than lose control if he feels the person is slipping away from him. However, this workaholic generally manages to turn his pessimism into strength by drawing plenty of impulses out of him and always ready to bounce back as soon as an obstacle gets in his way (since he almost always anticipates it, too busy imagining the worst-case scenario!). He can then find effective solutions more quickly to respond as quickly as possible.

Now that you know the most pessimistic astrological signs, you can still reassure yourself: Most of these signs still often find effective ways to circumvent their tendency to negativity to make them a strength or, at the very least, not suffer so much from these excesses of mood.

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