Couples don’t hide their love in public

After suffering the curse of Miss France, Maëva Coucke finally finds love. While the beautiful redhead and her new lover are madly in love with each other, some netizens couldn’t help but attack the couple. We tell you more.

Maëva Coucke’s choice is none other than François Bonifaci. This is former influencer Chloe Blink, who will be one of the former beauty queen’s close friends.

Therefore, for this reason, Maëva was criticized on social networks. Fortunately, she was able to rely on her lover, who did not hesitate for a moment to defend her. For her part, the redhead was also explained about it.

His story and difficult journey: his mother’s battle against cancer, complicated by appearance

Born June 28, 1994, Maëva Coucke has achieved notoriety since being elected Miss France 2018. If this title has forever changed the life of the beautiful redhead, her daily life hasn’t always been a river long.

In fact, while she is considered one of the most beautiful women in France, the young woman admitted that she had already experienced attacks on her body. Since Maëva is a good character, she has been criticized more than once.

Some even called it a “sack of bone” or even a “skeleton”, which greatly affected the person in question. However, this is not the first time that the young woman has been subjected to such insults on her body.

When she was young, the redhead was already the victim of criticism from her classmates for being “long and out of shape”. Thus, in an effort to avoid these attacks, Maëva Coucke tends to wear clothes that conceal her body, such as long jackets.

This was definitely a difficult time for the girl, but there was no doubt that there were still those who supported her, like the one who gave birth to her. The former beauty queen is, in fact, very close to her mother, and thus it is only natural that she was upset when she found out about her mother’s cancer.

Note that the facts are back before the redhead was elected. Although the latter was grieving for her mother’s health condition, she still raised her head in order to support her sick mother.

The young woman even missed an ‘afternoon at school’ during this time to accompany her mother to the hospital.

“My heart ached, I was afraid for my mother. We are always afraid of knowing that our mother is getting sick”,


Fortunately, Maëva Coucke’s mother managed to fight this deadly disease. The former Miss France still has this bad experience, often using her voice to fight cancer.

Personal life rich in history

Miss France’s life isn’t always rosy, and certainly not Maeva Cook who would say otherwise. Since her election, the beautiful redhead has been the subject of many rumors more than once and one of them was jealous of Iris Mittenaere.

A rumor that spread quickly because many people thought the redhead was going to flash to Anthony Collette, who Iris had a little story in 2018.

Annoyed, Mifa wanted to clarify things by saying that for her Anthony is just a friend and nothing else. She also revealed that she got along well with Iris Mittenaere, contrary to what most people thought at the time.

“We are very close”

She added.

Additionally, during her tenure as Miss France, Maëva Coucke also had to deal with heartache.

Indeed, after her election, the beautiful young woman broke up with her partner during this period, which means that she was also the victim of the “Miss France Curse”.

For information, it has to do with the fact that after the coronation, the lady who is in a relationship ends up breaking up with their soulmate. This is particularly the case with Iris Mittenaere, who ended up on her own just two months after her coronation.

The same for Sylvie Teller, who also suffered from this curse after being crowned Miss France 2002.

It is for this reason in particular that the beautiful blonde always warns the candidates about the beauty contest before the competition.

“Tell them at first that they chose fame, but not their entourage,”

The general manager of Miss France said during an interview with the “20 Minutes” program.

The scandalous contact with Francois Bonifaci

Nearly three years after announcing the split from this mysterious former companion, it appears Maëva Coucke has finally found love.

Indeed, since March 2022, the beautiful redhead has been swirling the perfect love in the arms of Francois Bonifaci. It’s in particular the beautiful brown who formalized their idyllic look on March 25, 2022 by posting a picture of him and his lover, in which they look very complicit.

“My princess”,

Written as a post comment.

But if the former beauty queen’s fans are happy to know that she has found love again, some netizens have preferred to attack the new couple. For any reason ? Because François Bonifaci is the ex-boyfriend of influencer Chloe Blink, who will also be friends with Maeva.

Hence, many netizens criticized the young woman because she was going to sting the boyfriend of one of her friends. In the face of all this hatred towards his beloved, François wanted to defend the redhead on his Instagram account.

“Since last night I’ve been receiving an outpouring of hate under my last picture with Maeva”,

He began before adding that these messages were “totally unjustified” against and against the girl. As a result, the young man asked netizens to stop making judgments without knowing the whole story.

“You are completely wrong and I weigh my words. So stop this useless hatred,”

Can we read his message?

For her part, Maeva Cook, who did not immediately react to the issue, also ended up presenting her version on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

After being asked by a subscriber who asked her if she “stung Chloe’s boyfriend”, the ex-Miss France wanted to silence the gossip by saying that she did not steal anything at all. According to her, Francois was “single for several months” before the two began a romantic relationship. And to add:

“For the rest, I will not go into the topic, Francois’ post summed up the situation perfectly.”

Despite all these attacks against the couple, Maëva and François Bonifaci still love each other. For their first public appearance, he chose the lovebird Roland-Garros.

In fact, on May 25, 2022, the ex-miss and her two lovers appeared more in love than ever during the tournament. And the proof that all these criticisms do not reach the spouses.

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