What future for web 3? (KPMG file)

creative destruction – Continuing its report “Cryptographic Perspectives 2022,” KPMG has developed its vision for Web 3. From the development of the Internet of content, to the difficulties of Web 2.0 transition to Web 3.0 through the importance of a token: an overview of the risks of this revolution.

Internet 1, 2, 3.0

According to KPMG, this Internet of content should enable Web 2.0 industries to find a financial model. But Web 3.0 should also allow industries Recover lost financial healthsuch as the press.

Indeed, the emergence of NFTs demonstrates the desire of content producers to take back ownership of their creations. Because that’s Web 3 goal: Return virtual objects to their physical properties.

Meanwhile, the metaverse is the legitimate son of games based on their own universe such as Second Life. Thus, it is added to these virtual universes Digital scarcity, interoperability and international payment system. Therefore, it is interesting to name two different types of metaverse: Holistic and game-oriented.

Universalism: In epistemology or in the humanities relating to the doctrine that brings the knowledge of the particular, of the individual to the knowledge of the whole, of the whole of which he is a part. »


Thus we find two of the most famous metaverses: Decentraland, the universal metaverse; The Sandbox, the metaverse guided game. Today, Sandbox works best with video games, but it’s turning into metavers Holistic that will be those who have the most of the future. For example, Sotheby’s, one of the oldest auction houses in the world, has opened an auction house in Decentraland, researchers are issuing papers on the economics of universes, and Barbados has opened an embassy there. Many large companies are investing in the metaverse as well.

Decentraland خريطة Map

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Coding: An earthquake in the gaming industry

Playing to earn is the son of freemium, and here are the three reasons that might indicate an inevitable takeover:

  1. earn money, He earns income from his recreational activities.
  2. financial excitementwhich multiplies personal investment tenfold.
  3. many investors, Attracted by rapid growth profits.

However, the authors of the file challenge us The importance of playing for fun, especially pay to win. One does not go well with the other, as you can imagine. It is worth remembering the failure of the Diablo III auction house, which allowed you to exchange items for currency. Intended to be used by a minority, it was used by 3 million players who strayed from the main mission, killing Diablo. As a result, many players left the game.

Axie Infinity earning play sees her income decline in Web 3.0.
Axie Infinity sees revenue decline

So puts KPMG Beware of games that rely only on income opportunities. The danger is that economies cannot grow there indefinitely. Axie Infinity might be an early example of this. In fact, revenue has begun to decline and players are leaving the platform, which may lead to The economic crisis is within the game itself. So the future will belong to those who will provide real fun games. So when the VC invests less in play for earn, it will be a sign of the health of the market.

Web 2 vs Web 3

Many companies have to make tough choices to follow the trend and move from Web 2 to Web 3. It is clear that for some business models, adaptation will be complex.

We can take the example of Facebook which became Meta. Indeed, it is not easy to imagine this giant recklessly throwing itself into decentralization. With Facebook being the company whose success has been based on data ownership, it’s hard to imagine multinational companies giving back ownership of their data to users. A move that could jeopardize the work of GAFAM.

facebook is dead to web 3.0 integration
Facebook Meta has become a leader in the metaverse

Interoperability is the future of web3, and it’s already happening across platforms that will completely change the interface and user experience we know. So the future is in the decentralization that represents the foundations of the web 3and decentralized identity will play a major role in this.

Web 2.0 giants have a lot to worry about, the bots are likely to be gone. Coding, decentralization, interoperability, and challenges are many for the big digital players. It would be nice to note those who manage to beat them and those who don’t. But web 3.0 also has its own challenges, its long river is still far from calm.

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