Emma Smit reveals what you will never forget…

Rumors are circulating about Emma Smit’s private life. In fact, netizens have only one wish, that is, to formalize their romance. but with who? Is she really in a relationship with footballer Kylian Mbappe? In fact, the two young men are very complicit. But there is competition in the air, because another man is also part of the picture. On Monday, May 23, 2022, the beautiful blonde speaks on her account Instagram About his career…but this gives us clues to the elected potential of his heart! We tell you everything!

Emma named who is she in a relationship?

Rumors put her either with a football hero or a fellow comedian. For a long time, fans thought she was in an affair with Kylian Mbappe, but since filming her last movie, things seem to have changed…

Change careers!

In any case, whether it is Emma Smit or Kylian Mbappe, young people focus on their career above all else. The professional footballer recently signed a contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain. Projects also developed for the daughter of David Hallyday and model Estelle Lefébure. For example, the beautiful 24-year-old blonde is taking a break from the TF1 major series, Tomorrow is ours To devote himself to the theatre. In fact, she’s playing in the room truth GameWritten by Philip Lelouch as it took the place of Vanessa Demoy.

Since I’m on stage five nights a week, currently, I don’t have time to shoot. I will shoot at Sète as soon as the play is over, for a new plot…”, She told reporters of the magazine TV 7 days. The frantic pace of life of this young artist. But when one is emotional, it doesn’t count. Is she excited about her love life? In fact, fans only have one idea: Emma Smit is formalizing, once and for all, her romance with Kylian Mbappe or the mysterious comedian. But who is the last?

Between a football player and an actor his heart flutters?

According to an article published by our colleagues from publicShe was going to succumb to the charms of a colleague while filming her latest movie called chem boogy Bougheraba. ” The lucky winner is an actor she met on the set of the movie sigpass [actuellement dans les salles et qui cumule environ 500.000 entrées, NDLR]which was released last April (…) and of all his partners in this adventure, this young actor is without a doubt the one who has shown himself to be the most caring and reassuring, just what was needed to make her feel at ease. ‘Can we read in the magazine?

An unforgettable shot of Emma Smit

One thing is for sure, Emma Smit particularly enjoyed portraying in the movie and will keep fond memories of him. The young woman even published a touching message regarding the end of her work on Monday, May 23, 2022 on her account. Instagram. Here is what she shared with her followers: “Sigbas. Crazy adventure with an amazing team, thank you all for these moments I will never forget, I had so much fun explaining the role of Claire, from laughter to tears on the last day of filming, it will remain engraved forever.” Then she also thanked the members of the feature film: “Thank you again, a big kiss to the art team, catering, makeup, hairstyling, realshakimbougherabaaliboogistyle and to my game partners @ichem_bougherabacharly_nyobekderbuenoarrilesamraniinesbklf_anthonalidinheiro_wristalben_otter @ichem_bougherabacharly_nyobekaderbuenoarrilesbklf_anthonalidinheiro_wristalben_otter.”

In any case, from the side of her personal life, Emma Smit did not post a declaration of love on social networks, which would have made it possible to silence the rumors. So, follow along on the web! We will of course keep you informed…

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