5 Reasons Crying Is Actually So Brave

In the collective unconscious, we often think of crying as a coward and that only weak people cry. This is obviously completely wrong, and would even be the opposite because crying is actually very brave. I invite you to immediately discover why!

Crying is accepting your feelings rather than suppressing them.

Many people escape sadness and negative feelings. However, this strategy of avoidance and suppression is not effective at all, because the more we try to avoid and distance the feelings from them, the more intense they become and we attract when we expect them the most.

Conversely, listening to, accepting and expressing negative feelings allows them to be permanently evacuated and to see them diminish in intensity, sometimes in a few seconds or a few minutes.

Crying is a way like any other way to express sadness, anger, or even frustration. So there is absolutely nothing cowardly or weak in it, on the contrary it is natural and strategic.

Crying is listening and respecting each other

In the same way that we laugh spontaneously without feeling guilty and without feeling the need to say “sorry,” we should also be able to cry without justifying ourselves and without ever apologizing because we break up and shed some tears.

People who never allow themselves to cry run away from their emotions and choose not to listen to themselves. Those who allow themselves to cry when their sadness or negative feelings are expressed with tears show self-confidence because they do not care about how others look and prefer to express their feelings freely.

This has also been proven: According to an American study, Crying in front of a movie is not a sign of weakness but mental strength.

Crying relieves stress

We cry when we feel a lot of joy, anger, helplessness, sadness, or when we are moved by what we see.

When we have tears in our eyes, it is because we have a lot of emotions accumulated and we need to release them. This expulsion from the body is done with tears and when it occurs, It immediately generates great satisfaction and deep well-being.

Tears are a bit like a dam: when the body reaches its maximum tension, it must open the flood gates and let the tears flow so that they can continue to accumulate during the next rains.

Crying reduces stress and anxiety

The lacrimal fluid (tears) is very high in cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Tears, even when we haven’t cried for a long time, help reduce stress and anxiety while allowing us to detox.

So crying is a very effective way to help us tune into how we feel while allowing our body to relax.

Crying is facing and facing problems rather than running away from them

Finally, crying is allowing yourself to grieve and face your negative feelings. So it’s clear An act of bravery that aims to act and face what hurts rather than flee.

We think, because this is what we were often taught in childhood, this Do not show negative feelings and hide sensitivity from others, is to be strong, and on the contrary, to express one’s feelings is to be weak. This is why many adults censor themselves from an early age and prevent themselves from freely expressing how they feel.

In fact, Hearing and expressing one’s feelings in a healthy way is a clear sign of maturity which makes you freer, calmer and braver.. Allowing yourself to cry, laugh, or express your sadness freely is a healthy way to be okay with yourself and connect with others with more sincerity.

cry So there is nothing cowardly about it, it is on the contrary Demonstrate courage, mental strength and self-confidence.

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