Pupils from the Collins de Perche Normand School educate on children’s rights with UNICEF

Cindy Lou Dose, teacher, Maureen, Danielle Huzy, Jean-Pierre Poole and students of Saint-Hilaire-sur-Ery attended to present the donations collected in class for UNICEF.

The May 17-30, 2022volunteersUNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) visited schools subordinate Norman Birch Hills Municipal Community for operation single.

“Uniday is a festive day that celebrates the commitment and solidarity of young people that occurs on the last Wednesday in May, and the theme of this release is a world of emotions with well-being and mental health,” explains Virginie Laborde, UNICEF Representative.

We’ve expanded the scope of the activity this year, with a focus on walking, and are working to raise awareness for children who walk miles to school.

Virginia LabordeUNICEF Delegate Orne

I taught six schools

Association rural roads Parades are organized so the children are also made aware ofHiking trail maintenanceat Biodiversity And what it feels like to walk in nature.

UNICEF Ornei first went to school in Belmi (Ornie) Then he finally decided to reject this as well on other Cdc schools: Saint Germain de la CoudreyAnd SetonAnd Ford SeriesAnd Saint-Hilaire-sur-Ery And Thiel sur Heusen.

Last year, young volunteers from Argentina sensitized a school about water.

On Friday, May 20, 2022, at 8:45 a.m., the Gué-de-la-Chaîne school had a nasty surprise, as storms prevented students from continuing the march, fortunately, the hike will resume on May 30, with better weather conditions, we hope.

At 2 p.m. on the same day, the 23 students in CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2 were the luckiest. They took a trip with UNICEF volunteers in Park Houseto manor corporate.

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Children get to see the Percheron horses.
Children get to see the Percheron horses. (© Le Birch)

Daniel HowsUNICEF 61 Communications Officer and Rural Routes Member Virginia Laborde and Maureen, a volunteer, accompanied the children and explained to them the role of the UN agency, that children have rights thanks to International Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)I talked to them about positive and negative feelings.

children have rights

“UNICEF helps children all over the world, some of whom do not have the same opportunities as others with transportation, housing, food and many other things,” says Danielle Husey. “There are countries that face great difficulties, whether they are poor or at war, and children suffer from that.”

In countries where everything seems to be going well, there are also children who are unhappy because of violence, harassment and so on, and UNICEF helps everyone, regardless of skin colour, origin or religion.

Virginia LabordeUNICEF Delegate Orne

Then the students left for a walk while 3 kilometersin the Birch Regional Natural Park, around Manoir de Courbuyer, for “the feeling in our bodies that when we walk for a long time it is tiring”, with Jean-Pierre PollyHeritage broker in the garden.

Alexis and Mail, students at CE2 observing animals.
Alexis and Mail, students at CE2 observing animals. (© Le Birch)

Many activities were done on the way, observing in silence and then describing what everyone could see and hear, and Jean-Pierre Polly also taught them how to use a map and compass.

At the end of the afternoon, the children agree that they had a good time: “It was very good, plus we were able to miss the horses.”

These outings were in partnership with the Park, Rural Routes, the Orne department, and the commune community of Collines du Perche Normand.

“Every time the kids played the game and seemed happy to take long walks,” Danielle Husey concludes.

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