Karmic relationship: how do you recognize this strong love?

The Karmic love affair He has something to charm. When it knocks on your door, it imposes itself as an unpredictable necessity. This meeting aims to help us discover our deep “self”, to elevate ourselves and make us better.

A karmic relationship presupposes the existence of “karma”, a term for wanting every behavior, whether good or bad, to lead to a result. According to this founding principle of the great Indian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the soul moves from one life to the next by making choices of experimentation. If one believes in life after death and in reincarnation, thenKarmic love It can help us improve our relationships and make changes that help us thrive.

What is the relationship of karmic love?

a Karmic relationship It refers to an irresistible romantic bond formed between two people. “It corresponds to the reunion of two souls who got to know each other in one or more previous lives,” explains Elisa Irene, a hypnotherapist and energy healer. This connection with another soul was amazing and powerful and probably also caused pain. The karmic meeting will present itself in order to stir up events and facts with the aim of allowing development. It can be difficult to accept it at first, especially if it is a painful relationship,” said Elisa Erin.

As the hypnosis therapist explains, Karmic dating Not the result of chance. “They were identified and ‘verified’ before we were incarnated by the Souls through Soul Contract,” she explains. Obviously, if a love story has to be woven, it is woven for the simple good reason that it has a role to play in our lives. Souls choose to cross paths again in their next incarnation, either to live and reduce resentment or hostility, or to relive a shared love. “This does not mean that everything is written,” nuance Elisa Irene. “We are left with free will, which always allows us to decide what we want to achieve from these encounters, these experiences, these experiences.”

It is sometimes difficult to recognize a karmic relationship or love by ignoring her fantasies, desires and desires. The karmic bond stimulates physical and energetic sensations. To understand this type of relationship, Elisa Irene reveals possible signs of a karmic meeting:

  • A karmic romance does not leave indifferent

“It’s my moment because your souls know and get to know each other,” she explains. A particular connection is established very quickly and sets the tone for the relationship that will follow. “It generates strong feelings (pleasant or unpleasant) that cannot be explained.”

  • The relationship is strong, it holds deep

The reunion of two souls in a karmic relationship is often a moment of great turmoil for both. The energy specialist explains: “Sometimes, far from romantic clichés, these relationships can, in fact, lead to an intense and difficult journey, which can also end wonderfully.”

  • There can be many steps to go through difficulties

“A karmic relationship can be frustrating and complicated,” Elisa Erin says. Difficulties, constant questioning, and difficult dismissals are all part of the process.

  • dependency relationship

Emotional and emotional bonds of dependence are very present in karmic relationships, which prevent partners from becoming independent.

  • It can awaken your fears

A karmic relationship revives wounds of the soul, such as the fear of abandonment, the fear of rejection, or the wound of humiliation.

  • It can come and repeat a pattern

Karmic relationships tend to repeat themselves until your karma improves. There are obstacles to teach us a lesson. If we resist it, it pops up: we can then enter into recurring love patterns.

Is the karmic relationship a source of suffering?

The Karmic relationships We are overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions. “A karmic romantic relationship can be pleasant or unpleasant, because it always comes at a specific time to make us understand something and develop our soul,” Elissa supports Irene.

It can cause suffering. For the specialist, “These obstacles, these difficulties are actually opportunities that our soul and the soul of the other person choose through hold the soulThis type of meeting leads to questions to open us up to changes and push us to move forward in life. “Some of these romantic encounters can happen to awaken us to our deepest needs, to make us aware of, for example, what we really want to experience in a relationship,” he explains. Magnetic therapist.

Among the sources of suffering, we can note, among others, conflicts, dependence, ego war, feelings of jealousyburied wounds that float to the surface, toxic bonds, and sometimes painful separations.

Karmic love, a relationship that lights our way and develops

For Elisa Irene, a karmic relationship is basically always positive, because “the goal is to light your way even if the relationship or the breakup is painful.” This experience makes it possible to make new choices other than those made in a previous life. “A relationship allows you to challenge yourself, to learn a lesson, to align more deeply with your soul. Ask yourself what this relationship allows you to learn: about yourself, about your fears, about your wounds, about what you want to live in a relationship, about what you are willing to put up with, if you love yourself enough to realize them in the relationship, etc.?”, advises the energy specialist.

to Welcome to a karmic relationshipOne must be sensitive to the spiritual view of existence. It’s hard to believe this kind of love if you don’t believe in karma and reincarnation. “This spiritual vision of a relationship is a great opportunity to work on yourself and not fall into too much grief out of love, in love frustrationin the wounds of the present or the past, in order to move forward,” concludes Elisa Irene. Some people seek this meeting at all costs. In vain, because it appears if it should appear. Life, through games of synchronicity, is concerned with making the two souls find each other. Some, but only when the moment is right for both.

Thanks to Elisa Irene, hypnotherapist and energy therapist from a distance and in Paris

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