certificate. The day I learned that the man who shared my life was married

Love makes you blind. This aphorism, which sounds trivial, is actually based on real scientific demonstrations. When we fall in love, the hormones invading our minds disturb our intuition and instinct. If this chemical reaction can hide the little flaws of a loved one, it can hide even more quirks… Audrey learned the hard way.

The young woman was just eighteen when she met the man she thought was the man of her life. Very quickly, the relationship turns into a nightmare and Audrey learns that her dearest and tenderest are married to someone else. to planetShe agreed to tell her story, which was full of betrayals and lies.

In 2018, Audrey walked out of a romantic relationship that lasted two years. Deciding to completely change her life, she is unhappy both in her studies and in the city in which she lives. “I needed a change. I quit what I was doing in hopes of moving somewhere else and finding the life that suited me more. During this time, I was often on social networks for personal projects,” she says.

Then I discussed it with many professionals in the artistic world, including Gabriel*, with whom the current immediately passed. Audrey continues, “The discussion with him was very fluid. We didn’t just talk about art, he was very interested in me too, in my interests, in my life.” Through letters, she and Gabriel developed feelings for each other. Problem: 600 km separate them.

Sheer coincidence or a blow of fate? Soon, Audrey receives a call for a job in the city where Gabriel lives. She decided to try her luck, and after a few months, the two love birds decided to get together. “He introduced me to his friends, explained his business to me, showed me a tour of the city, and above all spoke to me as if I was the best thing that had ever happened to him,” she-remembers. “I really felt like I was living a dream…but the relationship soon turned into a nightmare”The young woman sighs.

Discovery on a partner’s computer

The descent to Hell begins when Gabriel offers Audrey to move in with him. “I was shocked. I’ve never lived with someone and had no idea what to do or what to answer. I insisted so much and ended up accepting, telling myself I could go back if it was wrong… actually no‘ captivates the young woman.

Choose a partner very expensive apartment And she started to quit, so Audrey found herself in a bind. She had to pay the rent and other fees alone, or roughly, which quickly caused the couple to get nervous. “He revealed a very dominant side, he wanted to choose everything, even my job. I felt suffocated but I was 18 and I really liked it (…) I was exhausted from the relationship at the end of the year, but I had no one else in the south‘ says Audrey.

“I told myself I had to look…”

One day, Audrey’s old computer fails to work while she is working. She then sends a message to Gabrielle, out with friends, to see if she can borrow it. “It was a simple formality, I didn’t understand why he refused, but he told me not to touch his computer. I found it very strange, so I told myself I had to look…”, she recalls. What was her surprise…

“I started scrolling through the pictures until I found the picture of the bride and groom going through the rings”

Alone at home, Audrey turns on her companion’s computer and writes down her date of birth, which she uses as the password for “almost everything”. In the middle of the main page there is a folder called “Marriage”. “I clicked thinking it might be the wedding of a family member or acquaintance. I started scrolling through the pictures (…) until I came across the picture of the bride and groom going through… Finally the bride and my friend‘, she explained.

Audrey’s blood just turns. When her partner returns, she puts him in front of the facts and asks him for an explanation. Annoyed that she searched her belongings, Gabriel refuses to give her any more details. It took several days before the married man agreed to tell her the truth.

After treason forgiveness

Their marriage dates back to a year before we met. They soon separated after that. He no longer had any feelings for her, no longer saw her and did not want to communicate with her again. He told me that he loved me and that he did not talk to me about this episode of his life because he knew that marriage was an important business for me and that he might have made me regress in my relationship with him”, details the young woman.

After leaving for a few weeks to self-isolate, Audrey decided to forgive. Another year passes, and the controversy continues. Even worse, it provokes the “violent outbursts” of its partner. “However, the history of his marriage is behind us, at least I believe it,” she confirms …

New apartment, fresh start?

Audrey and Gabriel needed a change of scenery, Breathe new life into their relationship. Things finally seem to work out between the two lovebirds when they change apartment. Then he left for a few days with his friends on vacation. Since we just moved, I decided to take care of administrative procedures. He always wanted to do it and never let me, but he wasn’t around and I was about 20, so it was time to do it.‘ the young woman remembered.

Error in administrative declarations

I started by applying to the Family Allowance Fund to apply for personal housing assistance. “Very quickly, I received an email from CAF informing me of itError in my data”, explains Audrey. Then she decides to contact the management, and lowers from a very high place when she hears the answer of her interlocutor.

“I explained that I could not declare that I live with a man who already has a file with them, a file in which he is still active He was married to another woman. I made the connection quickly,” she continues.

Under the influence of this man, Audrey can’t find the strength to leave him. When she confronts him for the second time, he assures her that everything is over, and that the marriage is dissolved even though the divorce is not registered. Fortunately for her, the young woman finds support in her family and friends that allows her to get out of this relationship…

“It’s a beautiful revenge for what I lived through.”

I knew he cheated on me several times (…) I talked about it with my family and friends, and they were the ones who pushed me to leave her. After two years with a nervous, controlling man and above all a liar, I finally left. A few days later, he appeared on the arm of another girl I had never seen before, as if I had never counted her before,” Audrey sighs.

Today, the young woman is about to marry another man, with whom he has shared her life for three years now. “In a way, it’s a beautiful revenge for what I’ve been through before.”she laughs.

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