234 children killed since February 24, invaded almost the entire Lugansk region

With the war entering its fourth month, Russian forces are concentrating their offensive on the last pocket of resistance in the Lugansk region, in the Donbass (east). A European embargo on Russian oil could be imposed.in a few days” According to the German Economy Minister. France has received 85,000 refugees since the start of the war. Here’s what to remember from the situation this Tuesday.


The situation on the military front

Russia is “determined”, and the situation is “extremely difficult” in Donbass

Russia said on Tuesday it was determined to achieve “all his goals in Ukraine. The Russian army intensifies its offensive against the last pocket of resistance in the Lugansk region in the east.

After the Russian forces were expelled from the country’s two largest cities, Kyiv and Kharkiv (northeast), the Ukrainians admitted “difficulties” In the Donbass (east), it was formed by the Lugansk and Donetsk provinces, where Russia refocused its offensive. “The next weeks of the war will be difficult,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Monday evening.

status up “Very difficult” In the Donbass: the Russians are trying to get there “destroy all that is alive, President Zelensky accused.

Two cities on the horizon

Moscow focuses its power precisely Lugansk regionTrying to locate the cities of Severodonetsk and Lesechansk. “The number of shells has increased in Severodonetsk (…). They simply destroy the whole city”, The regional governor, Sergoic Gaidai, commented.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine also reported the outbreak of heavy fighting near the localities of Popasna and Bakhmut, which defines the encirclement strategy.

The fall of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast would give the Russians strength control an important intersection which currently serves as an improvised command center for most of the Ukrainian war effort.

Fighting continues in a major locality of Liman

Denis Pushlin, the leader of pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, said on Tuesday that fighting was underway for control of the town of Lyman, a major crossroads in eastern Ukraine. He emphasized that about half of the area was already under Russian control.

Lyman is an important railway junction located northeast of the symbolic city of Sloviansk, which Kyiv seized in 2014 from pro-Russian separatists, and Kramatorsk, the capital of the Ukrainian-controlled Donetsk (east) region. The capture of Lyman would make it possible to remove one last obstacle towards Sloviansk, and then Kramatorsk, while making progress in the attempt to encircle Severodonetsk and Lyssytchansk, two important Ukrainian cities to the east.

To the south in the Donetsk region, Ukrainian authorities also announced on Tuesday that they had lost control of the town of Svetlodarsk.

Russia’s occupation as a “terrorist state”

The southern front appears to be stable, although the Ukrainians claim territorial gains there. The Southern Command of the Ukrainian Army reported, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, a “advanced” From its divisions “through the Mykolaiv region in the direction of the Kherson region” controlled by the Russians. accuse “occupiers” To kill civilians trying to flee by car.

For his part, Mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko, in a video call with the Davos Economic Conference (Switzerland), accused Russian occupation forces“Acting at it A terrorist state.

Ukraine. Locations and movements of Russian troops (status update until May 23, 2022 at 8:30 p.m.) © Visakto

The diplomatic situation and international reactions

Military aid from 20 countries

As Moscow increases pressure in Donbass, twenty of the 44 member states of the “Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine” pledged on Monday Provide additional weapons to Kiev. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that others will train the Ukrainian military. Congress approved additional aid to Ukraine from 40 billion dollars.

Among the Western military equipment is the Harpoon anti-ship missile launcher system, which was promised by Denmark and which could allow Ukraine to To counter the blockade imposed by the Russian Navy To the port of Odessa, which is vital for the country’s wheat exports, and itself is vital for many other countries. These missiles are likely to reach Crimea, which has been occupied by Moscow since 2014. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksich Reznikov said “I hope to be able to provide results of use” Monday’s Promised WeaponWhich should change the rules of the game on the battlefield.”

Paris and Berlin believe in the Russian oil embargo

While the topic does not currently have the necessary unanimity within the G27, Paris and Berlin are hoping to lift the embargo on Russian oil, despite Hungary’s opposition. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said the ban could be implemented.in a few days”. Paris, for its part, considered that“There is still a possibility in the days that have just come to repeal the Hungarian veto ban”in addition to that Various options are on the table.

Originally, Brussels planned to stop imports of Russian crude oil within six months and refined products by the end of 2022. But Hungary is currently rejecting this sixth package of sanctions, due to the lack of guarantees on maintaining its supplies.

In a letter to European Council President Charles Michel, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban considered the matter ‘Very unlikely’ Agreement in the next few days.

Hungary declares a state of emergency

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared a second state of emergency on Tuesday, this time to deal with the fallout from the war in Ukraine, while the first case linked to the coronavirus pandemic was due to end next Tuesday.

“The world is on the brink of an economic crisis. Hungary must stay out of this war and protect the financial security of its families,” said the national leader on Facebook, raising concerns. This requires a deadline and immediate action.”

The civil liberties organization TASZ denounced a “The state of emergency that has become permanent”.
Presented by Victor Urban More space than usual let him “merely restricting or suspending the fundamental rights of all,” Condemns the NGO.

Russia bans 154 members of the House of Lords from entering the country

The Russian diplomacy announced, on Tuesday, that Russia has prevented 154 members of the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament, from entering its territory, in retaliation for the sanctions targeting almost all members of the Federation Council.

The House of Lords houses about 800 people. In April, Russia already banned 287 elected members of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and many other senior British officials from entering the country.

Conference on Reconstruction of Ukraine

A conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine will be held on July 4-5 in Switzerland. The goal is to raise money for the country that has been massively devastated since the Russian invasion.

Details of future conference attendees are unknown at the moment, and an invitation has been sent to nearly 40 leaders. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will attend.

Russia “Destroyed roads, communal infrastructure, do everything to make life impossible in UkraineUkrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmeha said, estimating the cost of this destruction at $600 billion. Ukrainian leader called “The international community should mobilize financial assistance, which is crucial for reconstruction.”

Sweden and Finland participate in the NATO summit in Madrid

La Suède et la Finlande, qui ont soumis la semaine dernière leur demande d’adhésion à l’Otan, seront présentes lors du sommet de l’Alliance fin juin à Madrid, a assuré mardi le Premier ministre espagnol lors Pedro Sanchez Forum , in Switzerland. “They are two great democracies (…) and I think it is very important (…) that they are on our side as NATO allies”he completed.

humanitarian situation

234 children were killed and 433 injured

In three months of armed conflict, 234 children were killed and 433 wounded, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office denounced Irina Venediktova this Tuesday. Altogether, thousands of civilians and soldiers died without a quantitative toll. For the city of Mariupol alone, the Ukrainian authorities speak of 20 thousand people killed.

On the Russian side, Western sources estimate the death toll of Ukrainian soldiers at 12,00085.000 Ukrainian refugees in France

85,000 Ukrainians in France

According to the latest figures from the French Office of Immigration and Integration (Ofii), 85,000 Ukrainians sought refuge in France three months after the war. These are the people who benefit from the Asylum Seeker Allowance (Ada) in France. As of May 20, 45,000 payment cards have been issued to families who have left the country since February 24.

Eight million displaced

The conflict has already caused thousands of civilian and military deaths, according to several estimates. city MariupolHowever, the Ukrainian authorities talk about the deaths of 20 thousand people.

On the military level, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense estimates Russian losses at more than 29,200 men, 204 aircraft, and about 1,300 tanks since the invasion began on February 24. The Kremlin, for its part, admitted this “Big losses”. Western sources talked about the killing of about 12,000 Russian soldiers, and a good French military source confirmed to AFP that the number is estimated at 15,000 soldiers. These losses over three months are close to those recorded by the Soviet Army in Afghanistan in nine yearsThe British Ministry of Defense confirms. Ukraine, for its part, offered no indication of its military losses.

The war also turned the country’s demographics upside down: More than eight million Ukrainians have been displaced Within their own country, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Added to this are 6.5 million people who fled abroad, more than half of them – 3.4 million – to Poland.

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