Lara Fabian: recipes and secrets

Lara Fabian distinguished us all with her role as a director in star Academy. I instructed the academics with all the kindness I knew about him. writing I go to the table Much more than an autobiography, it describes his professional and personal journey around the meals and feasts that have marked his life. During my visit to Manoir de Waterloo for a workshop on nutrition that was given to academics, I was able to speak to this luminous woman. Meet this lover of table pleasures!

I just released a book An inspiration that tells your story, your journey, and the key recipes associated with it, from mini pasta (with pecorino cheese) to your mother’s osso buco. How did the idea for this book come about?

The idea of ​​writing a resume based solely on my career did not adequately reflect who I am now. I had a fickle life, every time I brought up happy memories, it was connected to the joys of the table. I found it more interesting to present a book that describes my professional and personal life through culinary experiences and encounters that marked my memories. The recipes in the book also reflect my life in Sicily and the comforting recipes of my mother Luisa, my stay in Tunisia with my mother-in-law at the time, Madeleine, or even my good years in Russia. French comedic pancakes, Tunisian fish couscous, blinis and salmon caviar are recipes that reflect my life experiences.

You mentioned an eating disorder that has been in your life for 7 years, after consulting several sources, was your Japanese friend the one who allowed you to rediscover the joy of eating?

At the age of 29, I developed a complex eating disorder. I weighed and measured everything and could only eat one apple a day, taking care to cut it into quarters, so I only ate one at a time. I have suffered from both anorexia and bulimia for years. If some comments about my body caused my eating disorder, it likely started earlier, with the girls’ ache years later. I later realized that this disorder was fueled by the fact that food was the only thing I could control at the time. My Japanese friend, Masayo, who runs a tea room in Paris, has been a lifeline for me. With her mouth-watering little plates, I started eating again, very little at a time. This meeting brought me back to my love for the table. I have rediscovered this beautiful relationship with food. The love-hate relationship with food lasted for several years, but I finally found harmony thanks to Maceió.

Your eating disorder started with the comments received about your body. What do you say today to young people who receive such comments and who are excessively concerned about their own weight and image?

Fortunately, times have changed, and the Barbie era is over. From now on we welcome you if what you post matches you. My advice to young people is to keep cultivating what makes them feel good. Body diversity on screen and in the arts can only boost your self-esteem better!

How did the daughter of an Italian woman cope with a diagnosis of gluten sensitivity?

I suffered from many inflammatory disorders without knowing the cause and life put my gastroenterologist in my path who immediately suspected this intolerance! If the meeting was unusual for my health, I had to make a difficult mourning for all that I love: pasta, bread, and sweets that color my childhood in Sicily. At the time, gluten-free foods weren’t really good and I was really sad because I had to give up foods that permeated my food culture. I was flexible and was finally able to find excellent gluten free breads and pastas. My daughter Lou has developed a strong interest in baking, and thanks to her, I now enjoy gourmet gluten-free desserts. Tiramisu with gluten-free biscuit sticks, rice flour sponge cake, cheese cake Without cooking … small pleasures are allowed without compromising on taste!

How do you adapt to your diet during the tours?

I’m very disciplined when I’m on tour, that’s how I do best. I never drink alcohol while I’m performing, I love wine, but I save it for when I’m not on tour. On the road, I bring myself a lot of little things: bananas, almonds, and dark chocolate in particular, just to be able to snack regularly. I also take green juice in the morning. I often choose chicken breast which I complement with vegetables I buy at the grocery store (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers). I avoid fast food chains, which is how I feel best about my music shows.

Your best advice for performing well on stage in terms of food?

Everyone is different, but I personally eat four hours before the show. I eat mostly slow carbs (like brown rice) with some protein. I take small portions that are easy to digest and that’s how I feel on stage.

General health is important to you. What are your strategies regarding a healthy lifestyle despite a crazy schedule?

I’m less disciplined at the moment with the time constraints associated with filming, but being in good shape is important to me as it allows me to age in good health. Eating well and being active are part of my lifestyle, and the joy of cooking and sharing a meal are part of my core values.

To discover Lara’s story with the people who marked her life and her culinary inspiration, I go to the table It is a captivating work that plunges us into the world of an authentic international artist cultivating a love of the table for our ultimate happiness!

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