Euro Truck Simulator: Complete File

Euro Truck Simulator is an open environment game that simulates driving a truck and crossing cities. This fun game, created since 2008, is constantly evolving. Today, we can get a truly immersive experience with VR media.

Euro Truck Simulator has seen a lot the changes since its appearance. It is a video game that requires skill and concentration. It allows the youngest to start the adventure on the screen while waiting for the actual driving time. But Euro Truck Simulator is also good for you to hang out or have fun with family or friends. And now that I found in VRThe experience is more and more rewarding.

What is Euro Truck Simulator?

Euro Truck Simulator is a game where the game takes place in an open environment. On August 29, 2008, SCS Software Released a game based on a car driving simulator.

Initially it was only available to Microsoft windows And OS X. First, across the map of Europe, the game then developed into other regions through its American Truck Simulator program where we see a map of America.

Over the years, SCS Software has developed new versions of the series including Euro Truck Simulator 2. The new version released on October 19, 2012 is compatible with Windows while the version released in 2013, for linux. Apart from being available for Windows and Linux, the game is also available for Mac OS X. Recently, SCS Software introduced the version VR of the game.This latest version looks more entertaining, especially with A good VR headset.

How is the game presented?

In the Euro Truck Simulator game, the player can Leadership Several types of trucks to cross Europe Transport of goods all types. Before the actual transfer, there must first be a pickup. Then, at the end of each trip, the driver must deliver the goods.

At any time he can buy a new truck or improve his truck with the money he earned while working. If his means allow, the player can also purchase a garage.

One can also purchase various DLCs to complement the truck’s accessories or merchandise. If you want to work in another country, you can use these DLCs. These are used a lot to add other content to the game.

Euro Truck Simulator: Its Developments

Since the last version of Euro Truck Simulator, includingEducational Testing Services 2There have always been changes. Indeed, in ETS 2, the game continues to expand its fields with new cards. Most of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Italy and even France are included. This translates into a vast playground for heavy truck driving lovers.

Apart from that, Euro Truck Simulator has also included some countries of the USA map. Since 2016, American Truck Simulator Supports players in select states: California, Nevada, Arozina, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, and even Washington.

The most amazing thing about this game is that, even though we know it’s a game, the journeys happen more or less like in reality. For example, transporting goods from London to Turkey can take hours. The experience just got more fun with the last one VR . version from ETS 2.

How does the game put us in the shoes of a real truck driver?

As we said above, the game consists of delivering goods from the starting point to the end point. It’s about acceptance shrinkage Paid, its remuneration varies from one client to another. May have each contract Difficulties More or less embarrassing. Sometimes we have to transport dangerous or fragile goods, or make express delivery.

In addition, every player in Euro Truck Simulator has to undergo Climate Hazards Like rain, snow and fog. Not to mention the night driving is a must if you want to arrive in time. yes! Every delay leads to Penalties and reduce profits.

Hence it is possible that we have accidents along the road, or we encounter accidents that cause traffic jams. In this way, the choice of destination should not be taken lightly. For example, Swiss or Italian mountain roads are more winding than motorways. Finally, note that the driver faces potential infractions if he breaks the Highway Code. Repair costs and tickets/fines are also at his expense.

Euro Truck Simulator: A game of discovery and patience

Each contract is set with different terms in Euro Truck Simulator. It could then be that we drive day and night or day and night. However, as is the game realisticit takes into account the case Driver and force him to stay comfort when exhausted. When we get tired, we yawn, at first every now and then, then repeatedly.

When you ignore these reports and keep moving forward, your eyes begin to close. After riding with eyes half closed, the screen goes completely black, it’s time to take a break.

However, we have the opportunity to visit different natural views The maps are recreated to mimic the real environment as closely as possible. Aside from the lawns lining the country roads, one could also find oneself stuck in traffic jam in the city.

Start playing Euro Truck Simulator

The easiest way to control the truck is to use the mouse and keyboard or joystick. However, the joystick Offer more convenience, even more if the player uses Flight. For a great experience, it is recommended to change the default settings before starting the adventure. In addition to the accelerator and direction, it is also necessary to determine the sensitivity parameters. By default, this is set to a very high value. It is recommended to choose a helmet VR Suitable for playing in mode immersive.

Start your career and earn money

When you start playing Euro Truck Simulator, you only have access to the country of departure. If the starting country contains less than 3 cities, other neighboring countries are available. Starting to play in Italy or Switzerland arrives, for example, in the other without additional costs. The starting budget for choosing the first truck is 100,000 euros.

in version ETS2, The player can choose the city he started in company Based on. You should start with express deliveries, for which the fuel and fees are borne by the business owner. After that, he can buy his own car with his car profits or by performing Ready.

Use your winnings

Gains obtained during deliveries will then be used Truck improvementto me Buy else. It also helps in obtaining a driver’s license to transport certain products (flammable and chemical).

As for toy trucks privileged Imaginary variants of models European. Mercedes-Benz Actros is represented, for example, by Majestic, Renault Magnum, Runner, etc. However, in ETS2, other truck options are included, such as brand models international Trailers such as Krone or Schwarsmüller.

From the moment the player works on his own account, he becomes fully responsible for his tasks. Fuel, transit fees, repairs, maintenance, etc. at his own expense. He is also free to customize his truck.

What about virtual reality games?

Although VR mode is available for Euro Truck Simulator, many players find this mode difficult to play. Here’s how to make the game totally entertaining:

Activate VR Mode

To activate VR mode, you must first go to PropertiesEducational Testing Services 2, then go to the Trial tab before selecting the latest version of VR. Steam takes care of downloading a quick patch automatically. Next, you have to open the General tab and uncheck Use Cinema Mode When SteamVR Active “.a” select launch options It is then clicked.

Use a VR headset

For those who use oculus riftFor those who play with another headset, you have to add another line called “-Oculus” or “-openvr”. If the game does not start in VR mode, press F11. However, a seated position reset is required before the game can start.

Re-center display

The Refocus View can be configured by creating a file touch. Contact. Link for this purpose. To do this, it is advisable to go to the game options where there is a tab “Assign game commands to the keys of your choice”. at the lowest option head tracker » Returns the head.

Graph optimization

To improve the graphic aspect of the game, we have to move in Advanced graphics options, then change the resolution. The goal is to match the resolution of the game with the resolution of the screen. scaling for 100% Thus disabling anti-aliasing (SMAA) is additionally required. The same procedure is required with HDR and DOF.

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