No more loss of appetite, narcissistic perversion, toxic relationship, weight gain…

Marion Bartoli, in love and radiance, returns as a sports consultant for Prime Video on the occasion of Roland Garros 2022. The role she plays for the second year in a row with the best support, that of her husband, footballer Yahya Boumediene…

Having lived through the hours of darkness, The 37-year-old former tennis player exudes happiness. She lives in Dubai with her husband, Yahya Boumediene, and their daughter, Camelia I was born in December 2020, Marion Bartoli He returns to the field, not as a player but as a sports advisor for Prime Video, on the occasion of the 2022 edition of Roland Garros.

Yahia Boumediene: Best support for Marion Bartoli

For the second year in a row, Marion Bartoli takes charge of commentary on the Roland-Garros Championship for Amazon Prime. Marion Bartoli wished a big presence on social networks Sharing her first day as a consultant with her Instagram followers. Beautiful, wearing an electric blue dress, Marion Bartoli confides in her being”So happy to be part of the team again from amazon channel“.

A joy shared not only by his fans,You are so beautiful Marion“,”very beautiful“,”Great“, but also her husband, Yahya Boumediene. The footballer has already commented on his wife’s shot with several emojis. Evidence of his unwavering support.

Marion Bartoli: Her Descent to Hell

So today Looks like Marion Bartoli is at her bestThe former Wimbledon winner in 2013 has come a long way. After she retired from professional tennis, you know A real descent to hell. Because ? Terrible toxic relationship What does she say in her book? born again Released in 2019.

Shocking testimony Where she tells the story of her love with a perverted narcissist who led her to sink into anorexia until her weight reached 43 kilograms on the scale. I experienced this weight loss which was too fast to satisfy my ex and on top of all it was incompatible with my morphology because I couldn’t maintain my 52kg weight without starving. yI went into a cycle of anorexia which was exciting.”And Has been entrusted to the former sports The pure.

Marion Bartoli: Who is her husband, Yahya Boumediene?

Over time, Marion Bartoli has rebuilt herself. in a relationship withFormer Belgian footballer Yahia BoumedieneThe young woman finds serenity. This ex-player with a promising career, unfortunately, had a torn cruciate ligament in her knee. Injury slows his rise. After that, he will play his last season between 2018 and 2019 at Rapperzoil Gona in Switzerland before retiring.

Marion Bartelli and Yahya Boumediene: a savior marriage

at November 2019 Marion Bartoli and Yahya Boumediene celebrate their love at a wedding. The former athlete, wary of her private life, waits for her “yes” to formalize her love story. “Happy New Year to all of you, from my husband and myself! 2019 was a year for me! For the first time as a coach and of course First time as a wife! “, She wrote on her Instagram account. Born of their poets In December 2020, a little girl named Camelia.

Saadeh, the former tennis player, wanted to share with her subscribers by posting a snapshot of her, her husband Yahya and the new baby. “Introducing Princess Camelia Who was born yesterday at 5:12 pm. We are the happiest parents in the world, we thank God for such a wonderful gift. I love you my daughter, I love you my husband“, I wrote.

Marion Bartoli, her amazing physical transformation

After her pregnancy, the former athlete decides To lose the kilograms that weigh you down and begin to re-balance the food. On her Instagram account, in March 2022 she posted a “before and after” snapshot explaining it Impressive weight loss. “15 kg and 25 cm abdominal circumference’,” she proudly wrote in the caption.

His fans’ reactions were quick: “Congratulation“,”I was beautiful before and still am“,”Well done, you can be proudCan we read among the comments.

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