NFT Millionaire at 12: What Happened to Benjamin Ahmed?

In the third quarter of 2021, we reported on the case of Benjamin Ahmed, a young Briton who became an NFT millionaire. History to prove that it is possible to get rich with cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. In fact, we have entered a new era in which decentralization allows for a better distribution of wealth. Let’s stop saying that this is the prerogative of Buffet, Musk et al.

Two NFT millionaires are only 12 years old

Last year, Cointribune shared the experience of Nyla Hayes, a young artist who became an NFT millionaire at the age of 12. To give you an overview of his holdings, read this article. Our collaborator explained that the small company had $5.7 million in ETH at the time.

Another talented artist also presented himself with a rich secure crypto wallet thanks to NFTs. This is Benjamin Ahmed, a 12-year-old Londoner who made his own cryptocurrency and NFT.

This little NFT millionaire had broken all prejudices about fertilization. Because instead of playing video games or doing his homework, Ahmed started publishing a collection called ” strange whale A manifestation of his interest in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, concepts that were found by chance.

Benjamin Ahmed was quick to apply his programming knowledge after his discovery. As a corollary, a group of NFTs emerged in June 2011.

“Strange Whales” by Benjamin Ahmed

Ahmed, an early programmer

The young NFT millionaire learned coding when he was five years old. At the time, he was already entering the major leagues. In addition, he taught himself how to create polka dots images of whales decorated with hats and various accessories.

Nearly 3,350 pieces included his first set of NFTs called ” strange whale Which quickly spread on Twitter. Very quickly, his NFTs sold like hot cakes with prices reaching $20,000 apiece.

Ahmed Kamel’s plays have earned more than $15 million. An impressive jackpot that will be added to $1 million in cryptocurrency has been raised at the beginning of 2022. Recently, he told the New York Post that he doesn’t even have a bank account to store his crypto assets. Therefore, there is no need for payment or fees related to any credit card.

Ahmed now deals with Marvel experts

Some would say that young Ahmed, the NFT millionaire, can now retire with all those millions in his pocket. Away from this. The child prodigy isn’t just content with being a celebrity in the NFT space, with 33,000 followers on Twitter. Moreover, the curious will find something to quench their thirst by following the novel “ObiWanBenoni” because he is very active there.

To see these frequent posts, it seems Benjamin Ahmed is very busy at the moment. Among his plans are the purchase of promising NFTs and activities worthy of the average user. From time to time, he shares his thoughts on cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency through the social network that Musk was about to buy recently.

His fans do not hesitate to support him and consider him.” inspiration This has boosted his reputation greatly to the point of seeing him speak at several events such as the NFC Summit in Lisbon.

And it doesn’t stop in the crypto world. Even Pembroke College (Oxford University) invited him to speak at a conference. With the advent of this university in 1624, Ahmed would be the youngest lecturer to speak before many local scholars.

It is also reported that our NFT Millionaire is currently involved in a project assigning him the role of ‘Web 3.0 Consultant’. The project in question brings together adults who have worked with Marvel and CBS who aim to release NFT movies and TV shows.

It seems certain that Benjamin Ahmed has a clear future ahead of him. Being an NFT millionaire at age 12 isn’t for everyone. Nor is it impossible or unattainable. Let us hope that his cause will become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for young people and adults.

Source: Slash Gear

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