Jean Hughes Engled, a single father, found himself in a shooting incident in which his children nearly died

The expression “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” takes on its full meaning with Jan Hughes Engled. The famous actor unfortunately had two accidents that almost cost him his life.

In 2005, Jean-Hugues Anglade was unfortunately the victim of an unprovoked violent attack, during a stroll in the middle of the street. Ten years later, while he was with his children and partner, they nearly lost their lives in a shooting. Fortunately, there were no reports of injuries.

Jean Hughes Engled is a successful actor. He is best known for his roles in the films “Queen Margot” and “37° 2 in the morning” and is very popular. Unfortunately, he does not know the same success in love. We tell you everything.

Jean Hughes England | Source: Allocine

Jean-Hug Englade and these accidents where he dies soon

The first serious accident that Jean-Hugues Englade faced dates back to 2005. On the night of October 23, precisely at 11 pm, he was wandering on the banks of the Seine near Notre Dame cathedral, when the accident occurred. .

The actor finds himself facing a homeless young couple (Aurore and Guillaume). Under the influence of surprise, he could not respond to the dog that the young woman (19 years old) had released in front of him.

The animal pounced on him and bit him. At the same time, Guillaume (aged 20) hit him for no reason. The actor was subjected to a purely unjustified attack, which left him with dire consequences.

A few days after the accident, the actor was captured in Paris Match. Shocked and disfigured, he recounted the details of his assault:

“I hear they are calling me, I turn, and there, I see the girl freeing her dog which runs at full speed in my direction. He throws himself at me, knocks me, bites my leg and my arm. While I resist the animal in vain, the man quietly advances and begins to kick me in the head with his boot, about fifteen year… with unbelievable violence.”

The perpetrator was arrested and sentenced to 18 months in prison, including 6 months for the young woman and a 15-month suspended sentence.

Jean Hughes England | Source: France Inter

Jean Hugues was traumatized by this violent incident, and he had not yet come to the end of his surprises. In 2015, he almost lost his life again. On August 21 of that year, he found himself at the center of a shooting incident aboard the Thales plane Amsterdam-Paris. He was there with his two children and his partner.

The day seemed quite normal when some fifteen passengers suddenly ran down the aisle. They were forced to lock themselves in their work cart. next one :

“The gunman was coming towards us, he was determined. I thought this was the end, that we were going to die, that he was going to kill us all. Yes, we saw ourselves dying, because we were prisoners on this train and that it was impossible to escape from this nightmare,”

to me


the actor.

Fortunately, the result was different from the result of the first accident. No one is hurt. Jean Hogg did not fail to express his gratitude to whom it may concern:

“We were knocking on the door, we were screaming for the staff to let us in. No one answered us. This desertion, this ordeal, was horrible and unbearable. We were incredibly lucky to have these American soldiers. Without them, we would all die,”

He is done.

He is unhappy in his personal life – single father

Jean-Hugues Anglade does not like to talk about his private life, especially his love life. However, he is an attractive guy who has quite a few conquests. The first love of the comedian “Grand Pine” is called Pamela Sue. He married the Mauritian artist in 1996, and their relationship lasted only 4 years.

In the early 2000s, Jean Hughes had a secret romance with Mali LeCompte. From their relationship, two children were born to the actor: Pierre-Louis (2001) and Emile (2002).

A few years later, the actor succumbed to the charms of journalist Charlotte Lélope, who works in Paris Match. It is she who suffered from the agonizing shooting on August 21, 2015 by Jean Hogue in the company of his children. The journalist recalls the heroism shown by the actor during the filming:

“I see Jean-Hugh dealing with his children in an attempt to protect his body”,

It has been linked.

Jean Hughes Engled with Charlotte Lellop | Source: closer

Since then, many fans and media outlets have questioned if the lovebirds are still in a relationship. No information to this effect has been disclosed. Neither of them commented on this. However, Jean-Hug introduced a confidence that might indicate that they are no longer in a relationship.

In 2019, he was delighted in Gala magazine with his solitary personality, which will be an obstacle to life as a couple:

“I like to be able to live at my own pace, and at the same time, suffer greatly from the lack of others.”

Feel the need to “love and understand”. This position does not please him, quite the contrary:

“Recently, I have felt sad that I did not have this talent for pleasing a woman,”

a statement.

Perhaps it was a way for him to announce his split from Charlotte Lellop.

Jan-Hug Englad starts a new life at 66 without a woman

Because of his behavior that would prevent him from having a normal life as a married couple, Jean Huggs Englade wonders if he’s not going to end his life through solitude. During an interview with Gala, the magazine asked him if he thought he could no longer fall in love in his life. He replied with this:

“I don’t have an answer to that question…but it usually happens when you least expect it, right?”.

Jean Hughes England | Source: here

Although his love life is uncertain and the actor feels lonely, he still has success on television. On a private level, the actor is not in a relationship, but he is not closed to a romantic relationship, provided that he finds the right person.

He continues to take care of his children with whom he has a close relationship.

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