In TnBA, the bee stands on either side of the tiger

Pop-corn Protocol at TnBA’s La Roche Festival Photo by Pierre Blanchenault

A festival dedicated exclusively to shows in the process of creation, the second edition of La Ruche organized by TnBA has confirmed interest in its format. Between emerging artists and the large Aquitaine family, work in the form of a progression provides an opportunity to build another relationship with the spectator with the performances.

A stifling weekend in Bordeaux is stuck under a dome of heat, unfortunately we will have to adapt to these new weather phenomena … Catherine Marnas, the director of TnBA (National Theater of Bordeaux in Aquitaine) fears spectators will turn to cool off towards the nearby ocean. Who will win La Roche against Bassin d’Arcachon? The festival started by TnBA celebrates its second edition, its first audience, the previous edition was intended for professionals. Its principle is innovative. To show only the stages of the work, just to highlight all that creative activity which is part of the daily life of the place but not seen by the spectators. CDNs aren’t just places to stream. Hence the title that evokes this everyday work: La Ruche. A combination at ten euros a day, for seven shows, can leave hope that the bleachers will not be deserted for the beaches.

What is the purpose of building a festival of incomplete forms? For artists, this is clear. Set a date, stage in the creative process, meet with the audience and get feedback on directions to be provided for the business, and find partners as expressed in touch transparency by the collective MAR after its motel submission. Also, which is not a thing, the ability to work while paying for rehearsals, which changes the daily lives of theater artists when they are not actually being produced and supported.

We also want to hear from the people we’ve worked with for three years Explain Julie Babin Who only wears one Brisby (Profanity!) Well struck on a text by Théophile Dubus. It must be said that on the occasion of this festival a good number of ex-students of the estba (High School of Theater Bordeaux of Aquitaine) are accompanying the house, and they continue to use the words of Catherine Marmas to give them ‘shelter’. The MAR and its small hotel which revisits Hitchcock’s psychological book, Julian Sagot who performs a touching show with Louis, his adopted brother (Les Frères Sagot) and Julie Papin, Pénépleine Conceived of Christ, who graduated from the École de Bordeaux in recent years.

Other guest artists are also part of the family. Claire Theodoliwho worked with Catherine Marmas on the St. Jane massacres showing A Horace By Heiner Muller Resin, beautiful, cut to be sharp. Sandrine Hotenetwho intervenes in the estba, edits a text for Sybille Berg, What type of drug am I? Invitation one wonders to the end, and this is its great strength, if it encourages us seriously or cynically to resort to psychotropic substances. Annabelle Chambon And Cedric Sharontwo ex-members of Libourne-based Jean Fabre unveil a stunning performance, a combination of corn cob dance in clogs and boosted electrification, with… Popcorn Protocol.

If the hive shakes with the escape of young bees, then more experienced bees also come there to make honey. Catherine Marmas takes the opportunity to test her project around the world Red and black Stendhal, where the narrator’s uneasy voice allows one to hear at the same time the irony and tenderness of the author for his characters. And if the interest of all performances is clear to the artists, then the audience will not be neglected. Models with a very disparate state of progress, completely different aesthetics, and short performances where artists’ trial and error resonate, without a doubt, La Roche-Tiger and alters the viewer’s relationship with the work. Far from being serious about acting, in a neighborhood that de-centralizes the creative gesture and restores its essential fragility, La Ruche is an initiative that cuts the good vibes. Evidence: If Aquitaine’s beaches were crowded, the TnBA rooms were full too.

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