Here is how many squats you should do daily to lose weight

do you want Lose weight with easy exercises to do at homeIn the office, or at any time of the day? squat is a great solution for Strengthen the whole body, improve the silhouette and Burn more calories.

When the regular practice of this exercise is associated with a balanced diet, Squatting is a good way to lose weight faster And achieve their goals of losing weight more easily.

But of course, our success and observable results directly depend on How many squats do you do each day.

How do you do the squat?

Squatting is very easyProvided it is made slow movementsPosition your legs correctly and he won As much as possible so as not to hurt your back. if you own Hurt when you do squatsStop and watch your posture.

The starting point : for Do you squatAt 11:05 a.m., you should stand erect, with your feet shoulder-width apart, and slightly apart. he won Abdominal girdle and perineum as much as possible, lift your chest, keep your shoulders low, and look forward.

catarrh, landing : Then you must bend the knees without going beyond your toes. The weight of your body should be distributed across all of your feet as you push your butt back as if you were sitting in a chair. In order for the squat to be effectiveThe goal is to lower the thighs as low as possible.

Sunrise The knees must be opened and it is necessary not to remove the heels from the ground.

to Do you squat effectivelyIt is important to inhale as you go down and exhale as you go up.

As you see, Squatting is really easy This exercise can be practiced absolutely anywhere.

Why squat?

Squats are a basic exercise that is easy to do It can be accessed by everyone as it is enough to bend the knees by lowering the buttocks and then raising them to build the whole body.

Squats are ideal for reshaping and strengthening the buttocks, thighs and abdominal muscles While working the adductors, calves and lower back. Squatting allows you to get slim legs and muscular buttocksEspecially if you do it regularly.

to Do the squat wellit is necessary he won to the maximum extent, making the abdominal muscles work effectively and allowing after a few weeks Find a flat stomach and more muscular.

squat It is also an effective exercise to improve posture and balance in everyday life. All you have to do is dedicate a few minutes a day to sculpting a harmonious body and a refined silhouette.

Squatting burns fat

Many sports coaches recommend Do squats to lose weightBecause Squats build muscles all over the body Especially targeting the lower extremities. The greater the pressure on the muscles, the greater the will of the body Burn calories and burn fat.

It has been proven: a study conducted by researchers from Harvard University has shown that people Those who used to do squats lost weight faster of those who carried heavy loads.

Squatting helps you lose weight fasterProvided that you have a balanced diet and try to speed up your metabolism as much as possible by moving throughout the day.

awesome Take advantage of the squat, is that you can do it anywhere and at any time of the day. Why not do some soap opera while watching TV and brushing your teeth or even on the phone?

And if you hesitate between squat Weightlifting Keep in mind that a person is 70 kilos Burns an average of 220 calories while squatting For only 110 while carrying weights.

To burn more fat and lose weight fasteryou can complicate squat Thanks to a more intense variant: this is squat jump Which consists simply of jumping after each turn for a more intense cardio workout.

How many squats to lose weight?

If you want Do squats to lose weightKnow that regularity will be your best ally. It would already be impossible for you to notice the visible results if you only did this Few sessions of squats once a month.

As for the question of knowledge How many squats to lose weightKnow that often in terms of physical activity, it all depends on your build, level and fat mass.

To give you a reference point, know that a person with a normal BMI will gradually lose weight by doing so 4 sets of 15 squats per day.

If you are excited and want to see visible results, why not go ahead and create a file 30 day squat challenge ? The goal is simple: The 30 day squat challenge consists of doing squats every day and gradually increasing the number of squats performed.

On the first day do it 30 squats, then 40 squats On the second day, up to 250 after 30 days, with a break every 4 days to recover well.

here it is 30 day squat challenge program :

Day 1: 30 squats
Day 2: 40 squats
Day 3: 50 squats
Fourth day: rest

Day 5: 60 squats
Today 6:70 squat
Day 7: 80 squats
Day 8: Rest

Day 9: 90 squats
Day 10: 100 squats
Day 11: 110 squats
Twelfth day: rest

Day 13: 120 squats
Day 14: 130 squats
Day 15: 140 squats
Sixteenth day: rest

Day 17: 150 squats
Day 18: 160 squats
Day 19: 170 squats
Day 20: Rest

Day 21: 180 squats
Day 22: 190 squats
Day 23: 200 squats
Day Twenty-four: Rest
Day 25: 210 squats

Day 26: 220 squats
Day 27: 230 Squats
Day 28: Rest
Day 29: 240 squats
Day 30: 250 squats

with this squat challengeyou will succeed in Build muscle easily and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts without difficulty.

you know now How many squats to do to lose weight. All you have to do is get started!

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