Grace Season 3 – Who’s in the Cast and Release Date Rumors

ITV drama Grace, based on the bestselling crime novels by British writer Peter James

ITV has confirmed that crime drama Grace has been renewed for a third season after the end of season two on May 22.

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Grace is haunted by the disappearance of his wife ten years ago, and with no body or evidence to help him, this is the one case he can’t solve.

John Sim as Detective Roy Grace

What happened in the second season of Grace?

The first season of Grace consisted of one feature film, but the second season had four episodes, each with a different status for Grace.

The first episode of season two was about a woman who was brutally murdered. The victim in the second episode was a wealthy socialite, and in the third episode the remains of a woman were found in a ravine.

In the final episode of Season 2, a body is found in the English Channel, and when two more bodies are discovered, the case takes a strange turn.

Season two ended with Grace being romantically involved with Cleo, only to receive a call at the eleventh hour telling him that his wife might still be alive.

What is the plot of the third season of Grace?

ITV has so far adapted the series of Roy Grace novels written by Peter James into a series and this will likely run into Season 3 to maintain continuity.

Assuming the third season is three episodes long, it will follow the story of Dead Like You, Dead Man’s Grip, and Not Dead Yet.

Dead Like You is about two violent rapes perpetrated by the suspects on Grace by the same perpetrator.

Dead Man’s Fist focuses on a woman who survived a traffic accident, only to learn that others involved in the accident were subsequently tortured and killed – and she might be next. When she refuses to go into hiding, Grace and the Sussex police must work to find those determined to kill her.

A Hollywood blockbuster comes to Brighton in Not Dead yet, but with a stalker on the loose, one of its stars may not be safe.

James has published 18 Roy Grace novels so far, and another is due out in September, ITV will likely adapt the novels across several more seasons of the show.

John Sim and Richie Campbell star in the crime drama Grace

Who will be in the cast in Season 3 of Grace?

Jon Sim will almost certainly return in Season 3 as Detective John Grace.

Simm is best known for playing detective Sam Tyler in the crime drama Life on Mars. He is also known for his role as The Master in Doctor Who.

It’s also possible that Richie Campbell will return as DS Glenn Branson, classmate and friend of Grace.

Campbell’s other roles include Sergeant Nightingale in the science fiction series Frankenstein Chronicles and Chris in the London gangster series Top Boy.

Zoë Tapper is set to return as Grace’s Cleo partner. Tapper’s credits include Elaine Love in “Mr. Selfridge, Sam Stenham in Safe House and Vanessa Jenkins in Rules of the Game.”

Other cast members will likely reprise their roles as Craig Parkinson as Norman Potting, Laura Elphinstone as DS Bella Moy, and Brad Morrison as DC Nick Nicholl.

When will the third season of Grace be released?

An official release date has yet to be confirmed and filming for the new season has yet to begin.

Filming is expected to begin in August of this year, and based on the release of seasons one and two, season three is expected to air on ITV in the spring of 2023. cast-rumors-3705157 Grace Season 3 – Who’s in the Cast & Release Date Rumors

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