Good to know: Here’s how to improve privacy on Facebook

Despite the huge popularity of other social networks like Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter or WhatsApp, Facebook is still the most used in the world. According to Statista, it had 2.9 billion subscribers at the end of January 2022. However, it sometimes compromises the privacy of these users to third parties. Here’s how to improve your privacy on this social network.

Facebook holds the personal data of billions of monthly active users, and it is essential to ensure the security of your information when using this social network. That’s why in this article we show you how to protect your privacy on Facebook.

Investigator’s guide

If you feel that someone is constantly spying on you, you can use Facebook’s privacy settings and make the content you post visible only to your friends. In this way, you can limit the field of view and make sure that you do not receive visits from unknown or undesirable people.

To achieve this, it is advised to restrict access to your profile in the following steps:

  • From the Facebook homepage, click your name in the top right to view your profile.
  • From the menu, choose About.
  • Under mention about, a vertical list appears with several indications: work and education, places of residence, general information and contact details …
  • Click on the categories one by one to select those for which you have provided information. If the information category is public, you will see an image of a globe appear next to it. If it is limited to you alone, then the image is the image of the lock. If it is only available to your friends, you will see the faces icon, etc. You can update the selected settings by clicking on the pencil to the right of this icon.
  • See the options shown:

audience: This information is visible to any Internet user. By default, all the items you entered are likely to be in this public mode.

friends : It is only visible to your friends.

Friends accepting acquaintances: Acquaintances are people you are related to on Facebook but would like to share a little bit of information with, they could be people who interact a little bit with your posts. You can enrich your list of acquaintances by going to “Friends” (from the main page) and selecting “Custom Lists”. You can then add or remove people from your acquaintance list. As a result, these people will not be able to see your profile information. Note that you can create custom lists beyond knowledge.

just me : Only you have access to your information.

Custom: This option gives you access to your friends list and you can specify who is authorized to see your profile information.

close friends : We have the only friends there that you feel particularly close to. To select the close friend, go to their profile, tap Friends and select Close Friends.

Knowledge : As described above, we have people you feel are furthest from you and Facebook has deemed it appropriate to provide this option.

If you create Custom Lists (eg professional relationships, your family) according to the method described above in Friends Excluding Acquaintances, these custom lists will appear here.

Also, the recommended option for most fields is Friends Not Acquaintances or Close Friends. In any case, it is preferable to choose an option that limits access to your personal information. For some very personal information, it’s a good idea to choose “only me”. The simplest way could also be to leave this information.

However, if you suspect that the intrusion came from one of your contacts, it might be time to clean up your friends list!

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