CSR accounted for 2% of Beauty’s editorial pagination in 2021.

What place does CSR occupy in the discourse of beauty brands in the print press and on the web? Institute exclusive I thought about it.

243 beauty brands accommodate CSR themes.

Last year, the French press and web media cited 1,993 cosmetic brands in their editorial content, according to a report by L’Observatoire des Marques de Beauté Onclusive. Of these, 243 will be related to topics related to social and environmental responsibility for a total of 267 pages, or just over 2% of the beauty editorial volume recorded in 2021.

CSR, an unpopular topic with the editorial board? Far from it is for Sabine Desmarquets, Director of Customer and Solutions at Onclusive. There is a real attraction on the part of the media to these topics. In 2021 we saw very beautiful articles published on these topics in the often hard-to-obtain editorial spaces of beauty brands.“Notes the one who will be the explanation the most to look for On the business side.While some brands willingly communicate on the subject, many fear green bleaching. Still others advocate “doing” rather than “saying” and feel that they do not have to justify their commitments, which are already tangible. It must also be kept in mind that many do not see CSR as a particular communication hub. As far as their entire DNA is included in sustainability and ethics. This is the case for many emerging brands that are 100% built around these values.. “

Distribution of editorial influence (press and web)
From various topics of CSR beauty in 2021.

The Web, the featured medium for CSR discourse for brands.

Regarding the study, it also appears that out of the 267 pages devoted last year to corporate social responsibility within the L’Observatoire group – that is, 140 influential newspaper titles as well as about a hundred years old and specializing in fashion and beauty – 67% relate to online publications.Over the past two years, the excessive digitization of uses has definitively pushed the web as an everyday means, Sabine DesMarkets analysis. The fact that CSR letters are primarily expressed online shows how much this topic has become an everyday topic.. ” Among the beauty players who occupied the web space the most in this topic in 2021, we find Yves Rocher Followed by L’Occitane, L’Oreal Paris, Clarins and Maybelline.

On the paper side, it’s home Guerlain which has distinguished itself as the most visible on the subject thanks to speaking out in favor of protecting biodiversity. Among the most notable, the report highlights a series of communications related to the Women For Bees program in which brand ambassador Angeline Jolie is covered in bees. “WLThis excitement is particularly relevant and poignant when, like Guerlain, you have a true CSR organization.” Sabine DesMarkets explains.

and yet?

In the first quarter of 2022, dedicated CSR communications pages for beauty brands May drop by -85%. Dynamic qualification by expert. “We should put this number in context and put it in the beginning of the year news : Faced with the situation in Ukraine or the presidential election, the theme of corporate social responsibility applied to beauty brands has inevitably struggled for excellence. However, it is a sign Which indicates that this topic is increasingly being treated as a comprehensive and a topic of society.

No giving up, then, when it’s a safe bet that brands will continue to take over the topic by targeting consumers torn between “responsible” buying and “nice” buying. In this context, the emotional strength of brands will have a major role to play more than ever. “In the post-Covid market, beauty companies are agents of change, Comments by Sabine DesMarkets. Admittedly, some spoke more quickly than others, but that’s only the beginning of the story.

The Onclusive Beauty Brands Observatory study can be viewed here.

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