Cannes 2022, Day 5: The festival is at its peak with Mungiu and Östlund

With Romanian Christian Mungiu back in competition, and Robin Ostlund, who won the Palme d’Or in 2017, Cannes is Saturday filled with an egg and the festival culminates.

By Paul Fourier, Yohan Haddad, Yael Hirsch and Jeffrey Nabavian

On Saturday afternoon, Cannes 2022 gave us a great surprise: at 2pm we set out to discover the Australian the stranger, expected within a given consideration Un. We found ourselves faced with a film with a formal theatre, about beings who occupy their lives with formal things: so coherence was just as present. Dizziness also: This story is about a strange and impenetrable man who is followed by others who suspect that he has committed the unspeakable with a masterful hand, which also allows him to breathe perfectly, though sometimes frantic liberation and thrust at the most. And finally, we were able to taste a film with a very gray picture where this choice is justified, and therefore does not harm the eyes! A feature film directed by actor Thomas M. Wright, presented by the brilliant interpretation of Sean Harris, all in a bushy beard and boundless gaze, and in the presence of Joel Edgerton, who wears dark glasses that accentuate his face.

Then we were able to face ourselves around 4:30pm. brother and sister, by Arnaud Distribution, where we savored the anti-scenes of Marion Cotillard and Melville Popud, written and directed as if on a string of air. We were, unfortunately, able to be less sensitive to the other springs of writing that surround these two characters, more similar to what we remember from the director’s other films, and unfortunately ended up a bit empty. Composition made us regret Roubaix, lightmuch more than that.

Östlund and Mungiu, two selected pieces in competition

At 6 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., in the room of Louis Lumiere, Robin Ostlund and Christian Mungiu presented the latest compositions, sadness triangle And Nuclear magnetic resonanceWe were expecting something heavy and were not disappointed!

Our reviews are here and there.

When Ethan Hawke looks at the Woodward / Newman couple

At around 6:45 p.m., it’s time to go back to Cannes Classics for two episodes of the documentary series, to be previously released on HBO Max. Latest movie stars. A documentary that intersects with their romantic and professional relationship Paul Newman and Joanne WoodwardBoth of them starred in a range of films during the height of their Hollywood careers. A documentary series directed by the distinguished Ethan Hawke, is there to present it. Simple, woven with loads of movie clips, images displayed like slides or family albums, plus glimpses of Skype brainstorming sessions conducted by Hawke and his interlocutors, such as work in progressThis series quickly identifies its contexts and knows how to navigate multiple topics with agility, without getting lost. Taking the lion’s share in the first episode shown, the legendary movie luke cold handdiscussed in detail.

Critics Week and Social Insights

In the evening , Critics Week I organized a party in the garden of the Noailles Media Library. On its sloping grounds, we were able to sip a cocktail made with very strong and good iced vodka, for example, while a crowd gathered to dance to the tunes distilled by two DJ Experts, swing measures Wonderful and songs pop Which leads to a bubble of lightness.

This is the Saturday evening that the festival also opened social insightsa film festival from the angle of struggles and the representation of society, at the Château des Mineurs, Domaine d’Agecroft, in Mandelieu-La Napoule, in the presence of Aicha Maïga, godmother of the twentieth edition who presented her film walking on water. Many of Kan’s films can also be seen in Visions Sociales, available for free. Until May 18, he will meet during this 20th edition, among the international guests, Xavier De Lauzanne, Director 9 days in RaqqaThomas Gatti and Raphael Takeard, Alejandro Luisa Grisi, Director Utama (Bolivia-Uruguay), Jean-Gabriel Perrio, Director Return to Reims (Fragments)Fanny Mullins, Director Atlantic Bar (our review here) or Maria de Medeiros, Director for our children.


Videos: © Jeffrey Nabavian

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