Two children disappear without a trace

A man whose two children disappeared from school without a trace is shocked and happy to find them three years later. This loving father never gave up hope, although often wrong observations hindered the search.

Christmas is a time of happiness for many, especially children who know that they will soon open their eyes and find what Santa Claus left for them.

Such a discovery is usually followed by great joy, and that is exactly how Harry Spieth, a Brisbane family man, felt when he discovered the gifts waiting for him on his doorstep.

No, it was not about sweets, but about his children, who had disappeared without a trace three years ago, so no search had found them, neither he nor the police. Keep reading to find out what really happened.

They’ve gone away

As of December 2014, Harry Speth is a single father looking after his two children, Serena and Thomas Speth. He was a proud father who loved his children very much and cared for them with the same passion.

One day, he took the two children from their school only to find that they had disappeared. He waited for them for a long time after school, but soon realized that they did not want to join him.

When he asked about them, he was told that they had not been to school in three days. This is the beginning of a grueling, nightmare search that will last for years.

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The loving father last saw the two children when they were with their mother, who was his wife. He then feared that the woman, who had dual European citizenship, had fled with her children.

His life quickly changed and he began directing all of his resources into reuniting with his two children. He hired professionals, opened a Facebook page asking for help, and also traveled across the country hoping to find a client to lead them. However, he only encountered a dead end.

Serena and Thomas were not enrolled in new schools, and their health insurance cards were not used. It was a tough time in his life, but Harry never gave up, even though his two children seemed to be gone.

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Dealing with their disappearance

Over time, Harry began to lose hope. His search turned up nothing, he didn’t have unlimited resources to continue searching, not to mention that his life was slowly losing all of its color while trying to find his children.

Noelle came up with nothing, and her birthday made her feel like a loser due to her inability to find Serena and Thomas. However, every year on International Missing Children’s Day, Harry would light candles for his two children in the hope that they would one day return to him.

Before he knew it, three years had passed and nothing had changed. His hope was fading even further. In May 2017, US experts developed a photo manipulation that reflects the change that must have occurred physically in Serena and Thomas over the three years since their disappearance.

Candles lit by Harry Speth for Serena and Thomas Speth on International Day of Missing Children. | Source:

The tape was broadcast on national television. They have reignited efforts to find the two children. Then, on the anniversary of their disappearance, Harry posted on Facebook a touching tribute he wrote to his children.

In it, he boldly claims that the children have been kidnapped and reveals that three years have passed since he saw or heard of them. As he wrote:

“It was three birthdays (their and mine), Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, three years of vacation…”

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He ended this heartbreaking tribute by declaring his love for them, writing:

“Meanwhile. I love you both so much. I send you lots and lots of hugs and kisses across the miles between us, no matter how far apart they are.”

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He never stopped hoping

The more time passed, the more Harry became afraid of never seeing his children again, and he became more and more worried about their health and well-being.

He even began to succumb to the fact that he would have to spend another birthday without them when he heard a knock on the door.

It was the Australian Federal Police, and her two children were with them. They were found in the outback of the Sunshine Coast with their mother, about 150 kilometers from where they disappeared years ago.

While Harry was meeting his children, their mother, Mrs Adair, was arrested and brought to court to appear before the Federal Court of Australia in Brisbane.

But for this devoted dad, it’s the best birthday present he’s ever gotten, and suddenly his life is great again.

Her story is clear evidence that it is important to never give up, especially when fighting for the people you love. Share this story if you think a father’s love can do anything. Find out also the story of this elderly woman who goes to her husband’s grave and He sees two young children standing.

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